Getting Back Into Podcasts (Part 2)

Since my last post on Getting Back into Podcasts, I have added more to my listening collection as I really enjoy podcasts again and finding new ones to listen to.

I am really enjoying these, I listen in the car on my back and forth to work. I also have them on at work while I tidy the shop etc

These are ones that I would recommend, so please do let me know if you tried them or now subscribed.

More of my Subscriptions…

Luca’s Italy

Do you want to know the stories behind your favourite Italian dishes? With this podcast you can! Join Anglo-Italian food writer Luca Marchiori as he shares a weekly slice of his lifelong love and enthusiasm for the cooking of his native country. In each episode he explores the history of a different Italian food from its origins to the present day. And you’ll discover plenty of fun facts and fascinating figures along the way.

I have always had a place in my heart for Italy, as I used to go there every year with my parents or friends till I met my now ex….who showed me other parts of the world.

I saw this and had to subscribe as I wanted to learn more than what little I already knew of Italy and its culture.

Luca is great with detail giving you just the right amount of information that keeps you interested from start to finish.

Rice to Meet You

As featured in The Guardian and Apple Podcasts’ New and Noteworthy, Rice To Meet You is a comedy podcast about Asian culture that’s accessible to everyone!

Join UK-based comedians Nigel Ng and Evelyn Mok as they talk to notable guests about the modern Asian experience.

I started to watch Nigel Ng on YouTube where is is Uncle Rodger and to be honest that really introduced me to him (Nigel).

I did a search for him on my podcast app and found this, and have listened to many episodes now.

Apple Bitz XL

Apple Bitz XL is everything good and bad inside the world of Apple from tech host Brian Tong. He brings on special guests and gives his raw honest take while having fun after covering and working for Apple for over 15 years.

I have watched Brian for a good few years way back when he was on CNET, and now he has is own YouTube channel.

Brian is very fun to watch and at the same time very informative, and very honest with any of his reviews or news.

A Conversation With…

A podcast by Philip DeFranco.

Another person I have followed on YouTube is Phil, his show is another one I watch in the morning while having breakfast. He is just great to watch, again very informative, a good laugh and just entertaining.

Check out his YouTube channel to, I am sure you will be hooked.

If you missed my first post please do check it out as there are some more great shows to subscribe to on that blog post.

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How To Eat Like A Local When You Travel

A big part of the travel experience is getting to experience some local traditions, history, and culture. An easy way to sample all three of these is just by eating local food. Whether you want to try the highly structured Japanese tea ceremony or a simple meal from a street food stall in India, trying the local cuisine in the way the locals eat it is a good way of making your trip more memorable.

Here are a few ways to eat like a local when you travel. 

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There’s no shortage of food and travel information on the internet, so researching your destination should be easy. As well as looking at travel websites, check the food and drink sections of local newspapers of where you’re going.

You can also check out local food bloggers to find some hidden gems known only to the locals, like

Hit The Streets

It’s hard to get more authentic than street food as a vibrant and existing way to explore local cuisine.

You can try things like spicy bhajis and sticky jalebis from roadside vendors in India, huge meat kebabs in Marrakech, or some of the best street food in the world in Thailand.

Street food is an amazing way to try local food. Head out, and try lots of small dishes to get a taste of as much as you can. 

Shop With The Locals

Think about your own habits and you shop for food and eat at home. Seafood and produce markets are usually busy with local shoppers on market days.

You should visit them to see what the locals are eating and to buy some amazing fresh produce.

Haggle over the early morning fish catch in the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, or eat freshly made tortellini in the traditional delis in Bologna. Supermarkets can also give you some good clues to the way the locals like to eat. 

Ask A Local

You can ask locals, like your taxi drivers, for some suggestions for where the locals like to go out to dinner, and may even take you there. Instead of asking the hotel concierge for directions to nearby restaurants where the tourists go, ask them where they like to go for meals with their friends.

Ask locals for suggestions to find out where the locals eat, and experience the cuisine in a more authentic way. 

Time Your Visit

Festivals and other local celebrations are a really fun way to learn about local history and food culture. For example, in many countries, Christmas is a huge deal and stepped in local tradition.

You could try traditional Christmas foods like kartoffelpuffer (deep-fried potato cakes) and mulled wine at Germany’s Christmas markets. There are a huge number of food festivals all around the world, from oysters in Galway in October, to garlic festivals in Lautrec in France in August.

Time your visit to arrive somewhere new while a food festival is going on, so you can join in the fun. 

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Getting Back Into Podcasts

A good few years ago I was hooked on Podcasts, but one day that all stopped and to be honest I really dont know why.

I used to listen to many daily, then I moved to watching some of them on YouTube and then gradually I wasnt subscribed to any podcasts.

With lockdown I decided to take a look at what is out there, and see if I can get my podcast app full again.

Plus podcasts can be a good distraction.

My Podcast App

I am on iOS so my main podcast app is the default one that is on my iPhone, I have tried a few but none so far has had that extra something to get me to move….maybe one day I will find a better one or just stick with the default app.

My Subscriptions

I did notice on my Instagram feed that there were two new podcasts coming soon, and they were to do with not drinking alcohol. I decided to add them and wait till episode 1 for both were released.

This is my start back into podcasts, if I find any others I will do a second blog, but please feel free to tell me what you listen to if you think I would like it.

Booze Break

The Booze Break Podcast is a diary of my journey taking a break from alcohol as well as looking into the different ways to help sustain a break from the booze!

I have not got any alcohol issues, I dont drink much the odd beer throughout the month sometime zero alcohol.

I spotted this on my Instagram feed, I am not sure If it was an ad, I followed them or Booze Break followed me…..anyway…I subscribed and started listening.

After a few weeks I have continued to subscribe and listen, and really enjoy it and promote it a little on my Instagram as its definitely worth a listen.

If you have had or currently feel you need a break from alcohol, or fancy something different to listen to check this out.

Non Alcoholic Bible

Every week on the Non Alcoholic Bible podcast, husband and wife Tim and Caz try a non-alcoholic drink and tell you what they think.

This was another podcast I am not sure how I came across, but I am glad I did.

Just like Booze Break Podcast this is a very enjoyable listen, they have recently (at time of typing this) been giving you some ideas for non alcoholic cocktails etc which I will try at some point soon.

If you fancy a change of life style or something different to listen to check this out.

Scott Mills Daily

Scott & Chris entertain the nation – The podcast that walks the line between the funny, awkward and outrageous.

This one I listen to on my morning drive to work, its loaded with laughs from start to end and Scott is a legend.

Need a laugh to start your day? then this is the podcast for you.

Shagged Married Annoyed

The only way Rosie and Chris Ramsey can have a conversation without being interrupted by a toddler or ending up staring at their phones is by doing a podcast.

I have only started to get into this podcast, as I saw a few people on my Instagram feed already big fans of this show.

So far for me I am 50/50 I think I need to listen to a few more episodes to fully decide.

This podcast has won a few awards, so give it a shot it might just click with you 🙂


A tech podcast for the gadget lovers and tech heads among us from the mind of Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD. MKBHD has made a name for himself on YouTube reviewing everything from the newest smartphones to cameras to electric cars.

I like my teck news and this guy brings it! he gives just enough detail, and doesnt overload you which is great.

He is always keeping me up o date with whats happening in this area, if your a tech fan you should subscribe.

Capital Breakfast

Every Friday Roman Kemp, Sian Welby and Sonny Jay are bringing you guests, pranks and waffle.

Just like the Scott Mills daily podcast, this was another one I used to listen to all the time.

Its not a easy or humorous as Scott Mills, but it does give you some laughs some news basically a good mix of everything.

Blackout, Gaslight & Carrier

Academy Award® winner Rami Malek stars in this apocalyptic thriller as a small-town radio DJ fighting to protect his family and community after the power grid goes down nationwide, upending modern civilization.

I put these three podcasts together, as they are all basically the same style. They are like mini audio books that are short episodes and very cool to listen to.

Blackout was my favourite as it had Rami Malek and the voice acting was amazing and the story very interesting.

Check all these out as they are great stories!!

IOS Today

Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent love their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches so much they’re hosting iOS Today, the TWiT network’s first show highlighting the best apps, most helpful tools, coolest tricks, and essential news surrounding iOS

I followed this show to ages ago, then moved to watching it on YouTube but recently not had time to watch all my videos on YouTube.

I love Leo he is a great guy and great host, and he gives you a great show every time.

If you want to know about whats happening with iOS or other news related to it like apps etc this is a MUST!! for you to subscribe to.

Alcohol Free Life

Have you quit the booze? Thinking about reducing your alcohol intake? We aim to bring you tips, advice and motivation and importantly we want to celebrate self-care in sobriet

This is another new one on my list, I have heard great things about this show.

The level of detail in this show is amazing, it makes you want to listen from start to end. Its very informative and an enjoyable listen.

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have listened to any of these podcasts in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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