New Town Gin Blackberry & Winter Spice Liqueur (Wharf Distillery) : Review


The guys over at Wharf Distillery sent me their new gin liquor “Blackberry and Winter Spices” to try and do a vlog review on.

About the gin

Autumn berries and subtle warming spices. The perfect combination for those winter evenings and festive celebrations. Add a shot to your choice of fizz for that perfect celebration tipple.

How good does this sound? plus you can make a wee cocktail with it to mmmm

What Arrived

How nice does this bottle look? I love the label design for this, as before you even drink it, the label gives you a nice warm feeling due to the colours…well it did for me 🙂

I opened the bottle and smelled it, WOW this smelled amazing.

Fruity, with hints of spices ohhh I think I am going to like this one 🙂

The Drink

This is a Gin liqueur which means its going to be sweeter than just normal Gin, which is perfect for me as I have a sweet tooth and am sure this will hit the spot.

Tasting time…

ohhh YES!!! this hit the spot, the closest I could say to how it tastes its like a gin version of mulled wine.

This is soo good! and lovely flavours and scents.

Yes it does come over as a more festive gin, but you could easily have this any point throughout the year. Its great flavours, makes it such a nice and lovely drink to sit down and relax with.

Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the gin.

Firstly a big thanks to Wharf Distillery for sending me their amazing gin.

As I said in my review above, you can easily drink this gin all year round. I highly recommended it, as its just a lovely flavour and very smooth and easy to drink.

At some point I will check out more gins from New Town Gin, as I was very impressed with this one.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

….also check out the VLOG review I did for this….

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Is The Vegan Diet For Me?

Many vegans report that since they changed their diet they feel much better. This is not about magic or covert advertising, it is simply about the best fit for our body. Western culture encrypts within it a great many bad habits that because we have become so accustomed to, we do not notice how harmful they are to us. Improper nutrition is just one of them, but one of the most important is because our diet is what drives the body and once we change it, our body will start to respond to us. You should consider looking at nutritional therapy

Photo: Unsplash

Weight loss – the diseases of modern times

Western culture has brought into our lives many good things like medicine, hygiene, and technology. However, along with them we also got used to a lifestyle that could harm us. If in the past there was a problem of lack of nutrients, which caused diseases, today the biggest trouble of our diet is an excess of fats, sugars, and even proteins.

The popular diets of the past are full of meat, cheeses, and eggs claiming that these foods contain the proteins and calcium we need, but the truth is that we do not always take care to tell us the whole truth about these foods. Half of the calcium that is in the milk of our body is not absorbed at all and in addition, it also prevents our body from absorbing iron. Animal foods have too much protein and excess protein is just as harmful to us as a lack of protein is harmful to us. One of the problems of excess protein is the disease osteoporosis (excessive loss of calcium). This disease occurs mainly among people today. The body’s natural process is the loss of calcium that we need to supplement through our food, but in this disease, the body loses most of its calcium. So no matter how much milk you drink – if you are feeding on animals, most of the calcium will probably not stay in your body.

Benefits of the vegan diet

A balanced plant-based diet provides the body with all the nutrients it needs without causing the excesses leading to modern-day diseases.  While cow’s milk has estrogen at a level that is not right for us, soy has phytoestrogen that balances the hormonal system. While meat has cholesterol that we do not need from an external source, plants have phytosterols that maintain the structure of the cell similar in function to cholesterol and balance the level of lipids in the blood by reducing the absorption of cholesterol from animal foods and lowering “bad” cholesterol level. The vegan diet is based on vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes so not only is it healthier and allows for balanced and proper weight loss, but it also includes far fewer calories in it. The more we keep these foods close to their natural configuration, the better and fatter they will be for us. Beyond the fact that veganism is a lifestyle designed to stop the use of animals and their bodies, many define it as a healthy diet that on the one hand provides the body with everything it needs.

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Choco Slabs Chocolate : Review

At the time of typing this review and a little after, most of the accounts I follow started to post chocolate slabs and they all looks really good.

I decided to randomly select an account and Choco Slabs was the one I choose.

I couldn’t wait for them to arrive as I have a very very sweet tooth 🙂

About Choco Slab

Hey, we’re Sophie & Daniel!

We are a small, independent business located in Kent.

We make our fully-loaded chocolate slabs as a couple and… what we’ve learnt most about doing these… is Sophie is mostly the boss 🙂 

“Chocolate is a gift of love to yourself.”

Our aim is to hand make delicious slabs, fully loaded with chocolate delivered straight to your door. 

“Chocolate is happiness that you can eat.”

What Arrived

These are wrapped and have a cute little bow, I really liked this as it added to the presentation….plus the chocolate slabs looked really good and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

THE OLD SKOOL ONE (Mars, Rolo & Twix)

Cost : £4.99

Visually just looking at this its an instant mmmm but how does it taste?

I broke a bit off and took a bite…

Ohhhhhhh sweet, chocolaty, sticky, caramel mmmm this was sooo good!!!

This had everything right about it and its bad to say it was finished very very fast.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Cost : £4.99

Biscoff anything is good am I right? so I was really looking forward to this one.

I opened the chocolate and took a bite…

Ohhh the texture and the sweetness and the chocolate ohh very nice. This had a perfect balance of chocolate and biscoff you could taste and enjoy both.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall :

If you have a sweet tooth and want to help some small businesses then why not check out Choco Slabs, I don’t have any issues with what I got as it all tasted really nice and presented nicely to.

Both slabs were finished the night they were opened, and I really enjoyed the texture and taste.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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