Start Dressing with More Confidence Today with this Guide

If you don’t feel as though you are dressing with as much confidence as you could be then this guide will help you to make a positive change.

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Find your Colours

The best way for you to begin dressing with more confidence is for you to know what you look good in, and what you don’t. The biggest factor when dressing yourself is knowing what colours work well with your complexion and your hair colour. If you are able to find out this information then you will soon find that you can start taking your fashion game to that next level. Remember that finer features tend to fit into the “fall” category of warm colours, and if you have darker features then you will want to go for soft, or “spring” colours. Want some ideas? Check out T.M. Lewin.

Consider your Shape

Knowing your body shape is also very important if you want to start dressing with more confidence. There is no hard and fast rule here, but if possible, you do need to dress in ways that flatter your unique shape. This will help you to strut your stuff with confidence and it will also help you to feel better about the body that you have. Whether you are an apple shape, or pear shape, dressing for the shape that you are will make all the difference.

Play to your Strengths

When you are able to get comfortable with what happens to look good on you, you then need to think about your other strengths. If you know that you have a curvier figure then you may feel as though you are far more commanding in a dress as opposed to a pantsuit.  If you are tall then you should know that vertical stripes will emphasise this, but if you wear horizontal stripes then this will do the opposite. If you can take the time to choose a flattering shape for your body then this will help you to coordinate your outfit regardless of your style.

Know your Personality

It is vital that you dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Styles that are natural to you might not be conventional but should communicate your personality so you can feel confident. If you can do this then you will soon find that your outfit feels like you, even if you know that you are not trying out items that you would normally go for. On top of this, your outfit is the first thing that people see when they look at you, so you have to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Think about the Occasion

Another way for you to begin dressing with more confidence would be for you to look at the occasion you know you are going to be attending. It’s not easy for you to feel confident if you suspect that you are either overdressed or underdressed, so try and take the time to check the dress code so you can make sure that you look the part. This will help you to make the right choices.

On My Ass with On That Ass Men’s Boxers 2022 : Review

We all like comfy underwear, and I am always on the look out for something mega comfy that doesn’t ride and good quality.

I kept seeing ads for these on Facebook, and thought lets give them a try and see how they are.

My criteria was the following:

  • Value For Money
  • Quality
  • No ride up
  • How do they wash

I personally like the sports style boxers, that are tight and don’t ride up so I thought I really like the funky designs of these so I started my subscription.

Value For Money

These are £10 per month with your first pair free.

Looking around you can get other big brand names for similar cost so value for money….it depends on you personally if you prefer a brand name or something not so big.


Material wise they are nice and soft, and a little stretchy which was very good.

The waistband was very good quality but the next part how do they feel on.

On they were very very comfy, I really liked the feel and they felt really good under my jeans.

Throughout day one was fine, and I had no issues…then I washed them.

After the first and second wash, this is when they did start to ride


Overall these are perfect 1st time on and very comfy, they do wash well but that’s when the ride upstarts. I tested the 2nd pair and it was exactly the same, comfy first time than the ride up.

If you don’t mind riding up then these are great and have great designs, but for me, they aren’t what I am looking for.

My Rating :

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Glasgow Fort – Seize The Day Visit 2021

AD / Invited 21st August 2021

The Visit

The guys at the Glasgow Fort asked me if I would like to come and spend the day there, and enjoy being back out and have a fun-filled day.⁠

I added it to my calendar and invited my friend to join me, plus he could help film me etc ⁠

As you may have seen from my many stories yesterday I had a great day and got up to MANY MANY things.⁠

Before this invite, I really did think there wasn’t much to do here, but visiting yesterday I was proven so so wrong there are LOADS!!!!⁠

I visited many shops and purchased many different things with my budget so now it’s time for me to take photos and let you know what I got and my thoughts.⁠

Part 1 : The Shopping

I started the day off by hitting the shops, I took a look on the website and had a few in mind but if somewhere caught my eye I would take a wee trip inside.


IG : @waterstones

I started at the Waterstones end as this was close proximity to where I parked the car.

Waterstones always has a nice relaxing atmosphere, from the moment you step foot in the shop….now it was time to look about the store.

I got this :

My friend loves Deadpool comics and also the whole superhero/Marvel scene, so I knew he would enjoy this and it would make good weekend or bed time reading for him.

So I got it as a wee gift 🙂


We arrived at the Glasgow Fort around 12:30 and after sometime in Waterstones, we both were a little hungry so we started walking looking for somewhere.

I spotted MacTassos and HAD to stop and try their food, as I follow them on my Instagram and been meaning to check them out for a while now.

I got :

Falafel £4.50 (pita with tzatziki, tomato, onion, parsley and chips)

The smell of the cooking while I was waiting was amazing, made me more hungry.

This was my first Falafel so I was looking forward to trying it.

Yum Yum Yum! this was very very nice, it was filling yet light at the same time. It was the perfect stop for lunch today, and I am so glad I spotted them. I will try another option next time I see them.


The next stop was Lush, as I wanted to get some soaps as their products are always really good and smell amazing.

My mum loves Lush stuff, so I thought lets pop in and get her a wee gift.

As soon as I stepped inside you are hit with a lovely fragrance, and a world of colours and very friendly staff.

I knew my mum liked soap so I went to the soap section, and smelled a few display soaps and made my mind on the ones that I thought she would like.

I also got it wrapped in a funky cloth and added the soap tray.

She was very happy with this gift, and its on display in their bathroom.

Millie’s Cookies

I remember in College and Uni and a little after that I had a massive Milles addiction, I couldn’t pass the shop without getting a bag of 6 🙂

I haven’t had one for ages, so Millie’s was a 100% must visit…and today I did.

My eye lit up as soon as I walked in, as I could see all the cookies and wanted just to say “I will take them all please” but I was a good boy and only ordered a box of 12 random cookies”.

I don’t think these will last long, but they are just soo good.


I like Superdry clothing, so I knew I had to pay a visit and see if anything jumped out at me today.

I did see a new white Hoodie, but I put up a poll on my Instagram to see what everyone’s thoughts were and they said no…so I had to think and look again.

I spotted a nice grey t-shirt, and instantly went up and paid for it.

I look forward to wearing it on my next night out.

I will do a wee review of this on Instagram once I have had it on.

TGI Fridays

A mid stop between shops my friend and I went to TGI’s for a wee drink, I had a mocktail and he had a cocktail.

My first mocktail was a Strawberry Fields £3.80 and my second was a Tropical Sunshine £3.80

Both of these mocktails were very tasty and very refreshing and a nice wee drink mid shopping.

Part 2 : Evening Meal

Walking around, enjoying the shops really builds up an appetite so it was now time to decide where to eat.


Nachos (Cheese Nachos) £10.95

Originally I was going to order this as just my starter, but we opted tonight to share the starter….I am so glad we did.

This was massive! but so so good!

The flavour was amazing, and it was extremely moreish. If we weren’t ordering a main we probably could have easily had one each as we loved it.

There is a slight kick to this, so if your into that you may want to skip this or if you are having more than one course maybe share this with someone.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Main Course :

MJs House Chicken Burger £8.95 + House Fries £3.45

I wanted to go for a chicken burger tonight, and spotted this was a new addition to their menu so I had to try it out.

Wow this was a HUGE burger!!

I was really thinking “how am I going to finish this” only one way to find out and I started…

This was so good, the chicken had a nice slight crunch to it and all the flavours worked perfectly….I loved every bite.

I will admit I left the chips as once I finished my burger I was ready to explode, but I did try the chips and they were but the burger was the winner tonight.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Strawberry Cream Soda £5.95

I was driving today, so for dinner I fancied a mocktail and I asked the waitress what was the sweetest and she told me about this one….so I ordered it.

This was a great recommendation, as it was very refreshing and had a really nice sweet and strawberry flavour.

It was so good I had two of these.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

End of the Day

The Vue : Free Guy

Plot : A bank teller discovers that he’s actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.

From the trailers this looked fun, but I didn’t know how much fun and if it was going to be good to actually go and watch.

Only one way to find out, so we booked it for the last part of our day at the Vue and sat down and watched.

For me the film was actually much better than expected, I laughed a lot and it did actually have a decent plot. There was a lot of game jokes, so if your not a gamer you may miss them.

It was a fun ride from start to end, and as I said we both enjoyed it much more than expected.

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall :

Firstly a massive thanks to the guys at Glasgow Fort for giving me a wee spending budget and for making my weekend amazing!

As I said at the start I had always thought you couldn’t spend the day here but today I was proven 100% wrong. I had a blast and so did my friend, we had such a good day and many laughs.

I highly recommend coming here, as you saw you can shop eat and also see a film.


Promo : Gifted/Invited

The review posted was not influenced in any way just because it was gifted, all comments and thoughts in this blog post are my 100% honest opinion.

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