My Self Improvement Journey

Are you someone who is looking to try and improve a few things about you? Or many things? If you just said yes then we have a few things in common.

I am no expert on this, but using some common sense (not that I have much), life experiences and how I got on I would like to share this with you.

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So the past few months got me thinking, how can I improve myself….in any way?  more so now during lockdown since we have lots of free time.

So many of us want to achieve something, it could be loose weight. Learn something new or break a bad habit. But! so many of us also don’t tend to keep to these goals, which is why come New Year the resolutions come back into play.

A great example of this is just how many Weight loss diets there are, you could go into a book store and find many books on this, you search online and find millions and all these celebs are endorsing it. But when you try, you do loose weight woohoo but after a while you stop following these guidelines and slowly the weight comes back on.

As humans, we find it hard to keep things up as we get bored very easily so self improving is a very difficult thing to do. Just like going to the gym, we might go but if we don’t have that motivation we will get bored and stop and what we wanted to achieve never happens.

So don’t believe in what you read, or hear as the key to any of these is you need to be motivated to keep it up which at first is difficult but then it becomes your new norm.

So what things have I been trying to improve?

1. Pick up a new hobby

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Just like you am sure, one of my fav hobbies is to sit comfy on the sofa or the bed with a nice movie at nights to relax and wind down before going to sleep. Yeah this is a great hobby, but one that doesn’t really help us does it? Apart from being able to chat about what happened in X episode of the current popular show.

For me, I have tried Karate, Art, Tennis all in my past when I was younger but never kept them up so what have I started and aim to keep up? Yoga?

A few years ago if you stopped me and said I would be taking up yoga and enjoying it, I would have looked at you and laughed but yeah I have and I am enjoying it.

Unfortunately due to lock down, this is on hold but I will start it up again once this crazy time in the world is over.

2. Wake Up Early 

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You probably read that and thought “Wait, what?” But yeah if you waken up early like 5am or 6am and just get up, its proven to improve productivity and quality of life.

For me even during lock down, I am still getting up at 6am and going to bed at my normal time during the week. The reason for this is, your body and brain work better (so they say) if its kept to its normal routine.

My body clock is now fully set that I start to waken up somewhere between 5:30am and 6:30am without the need for an alarm, yeah it sucks when I really do want a long sleep in and my body is like nope get up but I am now used to it and feel very wide awake and ready to start my day.

3. Learn a New Language

Photo by Majkl Velner on Unsplash

For those of you that don’t know my fiancee is Romanian, and speaks excellent English. Me? I am Scottish and speak very very little Romanian. 

We have been together for 3 years now, and with Lock down I thought lets try and aim to know more than 5 words.

I went to Youtube for my lessons, as for me hearing and repeating is how I slowly remember things. For you, you may need to read it etc 

My goal is not to instantly become fluent in Romanian, no that would be too high a target to hit.

My goal is to learn the basics and hopefully build on that 🙂

4. Build on your existing skills

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Now when it comes to skills, my skills are very limited if I say so. I didn’t do great in School, and struggled a lot so my skills are minimal.

So the skills that I have that I enjoy (key being enjoy, as you will boost these skills faster) are cooking and blogging.

My blog was created for me to try and improve my English, typing, photography and learn social media and now its something that I enjoy doing. By trying to do more diverse posts, and expand on my normal 500 word posts, improve my Instagram page I am you could say boosting my skills.

5. Regular exercise routine 

Yup, going back to what I said about the gym apply’s here.

Start small, like 10 of x y and z every two or three days, and try and keep it up for a month, then once you are happy with that double it and keep going.

Do you really need to go to a gym? well it depends they have the equipment which you might not have in your house, and maybe because you pay for the membership it forces you go to but is it a positive force or one that you get bored with?

By taking these small steps and trying to repeat them and keep them up this is how you will see change and feel better and if your practise at home becomes fun then yeah go join a gym and bring that experience into your life.

6. To Do Lists (Reminders)

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

I am someone that if I plan on doing something, I will create a list to make sure I don’t forget any parts.

Just like you might do when you are planning on going shopping, you create a list and go over it a few times to make sure everything is there.

By having these lists you stay focused on what needs to be done, and by the end you see the list is empty (if digital) or every point is scored/ticked on your paper list and you feel good as you achieved something.

7. Read

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Yup reading is a good way to self improve! it gets your brain going, gets you thinking and helps your imagination.

I am not a reader, its something I would only do if I went on a relaxing holiday as I prefer to put on Netflix or something over a book.

This year I want to try and read a few books, and so far I have managed to read two so far this year (this is a lot for me as it was normally zero) and I will continue.


This is just a starter, as I am someone who likes to use the phrase “baby steps” by walking instead of leaping you get to achieve more than trying to cram everything in together.

Again I am not an expert, but this is common sense stuff and from my experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as it was completely different to my normal posts.

Let me know what you think, and good luck 🙂

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have tried what I said in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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Sons Men’s DHT Blocking Shampoo : Product Review


The Shampoo

Our shampoo is formulated with saw palmetto which can help reduce levels of DHT in the scalp (a hormone that can cause hair loss) and it also contains argan oil, iron and vitamin B3.

During hair loss, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is an androgen hormone that binds to the hair follicles leading to hair shrinkage and loss.  During this process DHT reduces the growth phase of hair which makes the follicles become finer, shorter and eventually in severe/late stage hair loss there the follicles do not exit the growth phase. Our shampoo similar to Finasteride works by blocking DHT and preventing hair loss.

The guys at Sons sent me an email asking me if I would like to try their product, I said as its always fun to try new things.

The shampoo arrived and it was time to try it out.

I have to state I am mid 30’s and happy to say I don’t currently have any hair loss but as you see from the above quote it helps prevent the hair-loss.

I decided every morning for a week use this shampoo before doing the review, as thats only fair as I like to try something first and give honest reviews.

Some shampoos I have used in the past left my hair feeling dead after using them, but all week my hair felt great and smelled great to.

I didnt notice any stinging in my eyes so thats a win, and no irritation to my skin on my head of forehead so another win for me as I have sensitive skin.

Purchase Here :

Product Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the product.

As I mentioned I don’t have hair loss…yet but this is also a preventative shampoo so thats why I agreed to try the product.

I have used this for about one week, and my hair feels great and also has a nice smell to it.

A big thanks to sons for sending me this product, and I have no issues recommending this to use or if you are starting to experience some hair loss.

I will continue to use the bottle Son’s sent me 🙂

Purchase Here :

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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Trying Yin Yoga for the 1st time at Shanti Yoga (Glasgow, West End)

I decided to try and lead a healthier and more stress free 2020, so I made plans to change small aspects of my life and grow those changes throughout the year. As you may have already seen from a previous post, I am changing my drinking habits for healthier options.

I saw that regular yoga classes were happening near where I stay, and I have always thought yoga was kinda dull and boring but I didn’t try it to see if I was correct. All I really knew about yoga was its to help you relax, so I thought let’s give it a try and see how it really is.

The Yoga I booked was at Shanti Yoga in the West End of Glasgow, the website and social accounts are linked at the top if you want to check them out.

1st class

I arrived and entered where the Yoga class was taking place, not really knowing what was going to happen, and what to really expect.

and it started…

I found my area in the class (at the back) so I could watch what everyone else was doing and copy, this wasn’t as easy as I expected but I did manage to copy and do the poses/positions.

Since it was the first class I was trying watch and copy, not really focusing on relaxing as I wanted to make sure what I was copying was correct.

By the end of the class I had mixed feelings, firstly this is not the yoga I had expected and also this wasnt as bad as I thought. I felt relaxed, and could see myself trying a few more classes before I decided if its for me or not.

A few classes and…

I have now been to many more Yin Yoga classes at Shanti Glasgow, and the more I visit the more I am enjoying it. Each class is different from week to week, as it focuses on different areas of your body.

I never thought that after a few classes this is something I would probably stick with, and something that I would enjoy but yip I am and will continue.

So I started out thinking its a girls thing, not for me, and many more ideas but after trying it I am enjoying it and yes there are guys that come to these classes on a regular basis.

This type of yoga is to relax you after your stressful week, etc its the yin in your stress(yang) and will also help you relax more and just overall feel good.

After each class I feel super relaxed and have a good feeling about me, I would highly recommend Yin Yoga to everyone.

I look forward to going to my next class all the time 🙂


Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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