Why Are You Not Moving Forward With Your Life Goals?

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Why are you not moving forward with your life goals? There are a number of reasons why this might be happening to someone, but that doesn’t make it okay. It doesn’t mean that you should be standing still in your life because this is only going to make things worse for you. Instead of doing this,  you need to find the issue that is keeping you stuck, and work towards moving past it. Nobody is saying that it’s going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

You’re Stuck In The Past

First on the list, it might be the case that you are stuck in the past and as such you are afraid to move forward. When we get ourselves stuck in what was, it can be extremely difficult to try and move towards what will be, but you’ve got to. The past should not define the rest of your life, but you are the only one with the power to stop this from happening. To do this, you need to accept that the past happened, but that it is not your future, and then you need to put one foot in front of the other and move yourself in the right direction.

You Don’t Know How

It might simply be the case that you do not know how to move forward. You don’t know what your next step should be, you’re not sure what path you want to follow, or you generally just have no idea what’s going on at any given time. We’ve all been there at one point or another so it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but you need to start finding your direction. Sit down and work out what you want from your life. Once you know the answer to this, you can then start setting goals that you can work towards, with little steps on how to achieve these goals.

You Need A Little Help

The last thing that we’re going to say is that you might just need a little bit of help moving forward. Perhaps there have been circumstances in your life that have kept you where you are now, even though that is not where you should be. Perhaps you have struggled in your life, failed medicals for jobs and that is what has kept you from moving forward. The best advice that we can offer you is to find the help that you need, and ask for it. This is going to be the hardest part, but once you have accepted that you need help, it will be easier to get.

It’s okay to take a little break when you are trying to get your life on track, but there is absolutely no reason for you to stop completely. We know that it’s not always going to be the easiest thing to move forward in your life, but we promise you that it’s the best thing for you. Sometimes in life it’s the things that aren’t so easy that are the ones that are worth doing the most, so keep that in mind.

Explore Cuisine Plant Protein Pastas 2023: Review

About Explore Cuisine

We are on a Plant Powered Mission.

Explore Cuisine is easy-to-make pasta that is good and good for you. Made with high-protein, high-fiber, and gluten-free ingredients, so healthy swaps are easy and delicious

The Products

The guys at Explore Cuisine sent me a big box of their products

What I got :

  • Organic Edamame Spaghetti
  • Organic Green Lentil Penne
  • Organic Fava Bean Fusilli
  • Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettucine
  • Organic Chickpea Fusilli Organic Chickpea Fusilli
  • Organic Black Bean Spaghetti

I love going to an Italian restaurant and getting good pasta or even at home cooking pasta for my dinner so this really interested me…more so to how it would taste.

Looking at the photos on the front of each packet, you wouldn’t be able to visually differentiate from normal pasta to this.

I was looking forward to this.

Organic Fava Bean Fusilli
Fava Beans, also known as Broad Beans, are one of the oldest domesticated food legumes dating back to the 4th century. Mild and creamy in flavour, these beans are high in protein and fibre. This is Explore Cuisine’s closest legume-based pasta to traditional wheat pasta in taste, texture and colour.

I had no idea what one to start with but this was the one I was looking at when I opened the delivery box so I thought let’s go for this one.

I took it out of its packet and it just looked like normal pasta, even the texture of them was very similar…now this was going to be an interesting meal.

I followed the instructions on the packet, very similar to pasta 10-15 mins in boiling water…super easy and fast.

This box could easily make pasta for 3 people or two large portions for two people.

Now what do I add to the pasta? I knew I had some cherry tomatoes and some pesto and cheese so a very simple dish.

I put it all together and sat down with a wee glass of wine.

I am going to be honest if you gave me this in a restaurant I really wouldn’t have been able to tell it was made from fava beans. The texture and consistency were spot on, flavour-wise (pre pesto) was very nice and mixed with my ingredients tonight…very yummy!

I look forward to trying the other items.


Serving Size★★★★★

Organic Green Lentil Penne
Firm and flavourful, our Green Lentil Penne has a delightful taste and tender texture. Easily prepared, it provides exceptional savour and colour to any meal.

I have recently purchased a new house, so I am ripping it apart and decorating so when I get home I wanted something quick and easy to make and these arrived at the perfect time.

Yup, this was a basic recipe, cook the pasta, add the sauce and add the grated cheese….quick easy and tasty.

The big question was how was this pasta, and did it taste nice?

Firstly let’s start with how long this took to make, just like the other pasta it only took 7-9 minutes to make which is great when you want a quick meal.

This again just looked exactly like penne and had a similar texture…to be honest, once this was made, mixed with the sauce etc I couldn’t tell it was made from green lentils.

This also tasted very good and filled the spot after my decorating.


Serving Size★★★★★

Organic Chickpea Fusilli
With an appetizing Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flair, Explore Cuisine’s Chickpea Fusilli is a healthly choice that will please the family and simplify your life. Extremely easy to prepare, it can be served with any pasta sauce or toppings of your choice.

The organic chickpea fusilli is a delightful and nutritious option for those seeking a high-protein pasta alternative. With a quick cooking time of just six to nine minutes, it’s incredibly convenient for busy individuals looking to whip up a tasty meal in no time.

I opted for a carbonara sauce and sprinkled some parmesan to create a quick and flavoursome dish.

The texture of the chickpea fusilli was pleasantly reminiscent of traditional pasta, making it an excellent choice for those transitioning to healthier options without sacrificing taste or familiarity. Moreover, the added bonus of higher protein content from chickpea flour is a great way to make a more nutritious meal.

Overall, I highly recommend trying out this pasta as it offers the best of both worlds – a quick and easy preparation with a satisfying taste and added nutritional benefits.

Serving Size★★★★★

Organic Edamame Spaghetti
Delicately mild in taste, Explore Cuisine’s Edamame Spaghetti provides a full balance of plant-based protein and fibre.  Perfect with a mushroom sauce or tossed in olive oil, it’s sure to please.

Edamie spaghetti pasta proved to be a rather lacklustre experience. The texture was noticeably different from regular pasta, which resulted in the sauce not adhering well to the strands, making it a bit disappointing. The flavour on its own was just passable, nothing extraordinary. However, I decided to salvage the meal by making spaghetti and meatballs, hoping it would enhance the overall taste.

Unfortunately, even with the meatballs and sauce, the pasta’s texture still posed a challenge, and the dish didn’t reach the level of satisfaction I had anticipated. In comparison to other pasta brands I’ve tried, this one fell short. The taste of the pasta itself was the primary culprit, as it failed to complement the sauce and meatballs adequately.

While Edamie spaghetti pasta may not have been outright terrible, it certainly didn’t become a favourite for me compared to the other ones I have so far tried from this brand.


Final Thoughts…

Firstly thanks to Explore Cusine for sending these over, and for allowing me to try something I probably wouldn’t have tried.

I still have two boxes left to try, and I am looking forward to seeing what they are like.

Overall I have no issues with any of the pasta, as you saw I decided to make quick simple and easy dishes as I wanted to see how it was as basic as possible.

If you are a better chef than me and that wouldn’t take much I am sure you could come up with some amazing dishes with these.

Do check these guys out and I am sure you will enjoy these pastas as much as I did.

The above blog post review is 100% honest and has not been influenced in anyway. Its a true representation of my thoughts.

3 Ways To Help Ease Your Chronic Pain

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Living with chronic pain can be massively debilitating. It can severely impact your quality of life, mental health and ability to get on with regular day-to-day activities others take for granted. The prevalence of chronic pain in adults According to an NHS Digital survey, 34% of adults live with some degree of chronic pain. This was around 16% in the 16-24 age bracket, while in those aged over 75%, the figure rose to just over 50%.
If you find you are struggling with your pain levels and traditional medicines aren’t helping, there are some other options you can try to help you accommodate your pain and ensure you don’t increase them or push yourself too far to help you improve your day to day life.

Pace Yourself

Chronic pain can be affected by many factors, including doing too much, not sleeping properly, sitting in the same position for too long or even standing up too long. An excellent place to start managing your pain is to find out what your triggers are from taking them in worse and see what you can do to eliminate this. It might be that you need to pace yourself better and not do too much each day; you might require a different type of mattress to sleep on, or not be lifting things over a certain weight or avoiding a particular activity or exercise. Whatever it is, find your triggers and learn how to pace your day and body to accommodate your limitations and help you live an easier life.


Osteopathy is a manual medicine that aims to bring the body’s musculoskeletal system back to balance. You can experience pain in many or even multiple parts of your body, especially if you have a condition that causes widespread pain like Fibromyalgia. By putting your body back into balance and alignment, you can ease or remove some of this pain to help you feel better, move easier and get some relief. Talk to a qualified osteopath at an osteopathic clinic to find out the best treatment plan for your pain and see how it helps you going forward.


While this point might seem contradictory, especially if movement causes you pain, you do need to make sure you keep moving as much as possible. Your body was made to move; if you don’t move it, chances are you will make your pain worse. When feasible, stretching, walking, and exercising are essential for physical health. Doing so can help you manage pain symptoms or avoid them worsening as your body becomes stiffer and tighter from lack of movement. Not only that, you will prevent your muscles from wasting away, leading to more issues. You don’t need to head to the gym; even moving around your home will help out as much as possible try to remain flexible to avoid your pain worsening.
Chronic pain is no joke, and you must ensure you take care of yourself to hope you manage the pain and live with your condition. These tips can help you find some relief and support yourself in the way you need to.

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