Trying Yin Yoga for the 1st time at Shanti Yoga (Glasgow, West End)

I decided to try and lead a healthier and more stress free 2020, so I made plans to change small aspects of my life and grow those changes throughout the year. As you may have already seen from a previous post, I am changing my drinking habits for healthier options.

I saw that regular yoga classes were happening near where I stay, and I have always thought yoga was kinda dull and boring but I didn’t try it to see if I was correct. All I really knew about yoga was its to help you relax, so I thought let’s give it a try and see how it really is.

The Yoga I booked was at Shanti Yoga in the West End of Glasgow, the website and social accounts are linked at the top if you want to check them out.

1st class

I arrived and entered where the Yoga class was taking place, not really knowing what was going to happen, and what to really expect.

and it started…

I found my area in the class (at the back) so I could watch what everyone else was doing and copy, this wasn’t as easy as I expected but I did manage to copy and do the poses/positions.

Since it was the first class I was trying watch and copy, not really focusing on relaxing as I wanted to make sure what I was copying was correct.

By the end of the class I had mixed feelings, firstly this is not the yoga I had expected and also this wasnt as bad as I thought. I felt relaxed, and could see myself trying a few more classes before I decided if its for me or not.

A few classes and…

I have now been to many more Yin Yoga classes at Shanti Glasgow, and the more I visit the more I am enjoying it. Each class is different from week to week, as it focuses on different areas of your body.

I never thought that after a few classes this is something I would probably stick with, and something that I would enjoy but yip I am and will continue.

So I started out thinking its a girls thing, not for me, and many more ideas but after trying it I am enjoying it and yes there are guys that come to these classes on a regular basis.

This type of yoga is to relax you after your stressful week, etc its the yin in your stress(yang) and will also help you relax more and just overall feel good.

After each class I feel super relaxed and have a good feeling about me, I would highly recommend Yin Yoga to everyone.

I look forward to going to my next class all the time 🙂


Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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Bye Bye Naughty Drinks…kinda

You are probably looking at the title thinking what are Naughty drinks, well that’s the name I have decided to use for this post with regards to sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks.

But why “Naughty” your asking well these are the drinks we crave, but know are bad for you….so Naughty I thought was a fitting name….anyway lets continue…

One thing I noticed was I was drinking on average 24 to 60L of fizzy drinks a month (average 1-2L bottles of coke or Irnbru a day), and with a few beers mixed in throughout the month. Money wise this was a lot, plus a lot of sugar which I love but too much.

So sugar and money this was too much, so its time for a change.

Obliviously the old saying is “in moderation” so I am keeping that in mind and making these changes.

Fizzy Drinks

So I love having a glass of Diet Cola or Irnbru, and at work the big glass bottles some times two a day. Lets say a bottle is £1 and I have two a day that’s £10 just for Monday to Friday so £40 a month that’s a lot of money just on fizzy drinks…and sugar etc

Most of these drinks have Aspartame and depending on what you read, its either ok-ish or VERY bad for your health. Again that saying “in moderation”. Drinking the odd fizzy drink here and there am sure isn’t too bad for you, but if your a big drinker then that little amount of Aspartame and sugar etc soon builds up.

So what changes to fizzy drinks have I made?

I am not completely stopping fizzy drinks, but during the week I am solely having water. My aim is to try to have zero fizzy drinks and have water but I may have say 4 glasses of something fizzy a month (for nights out, social events etc.) but if I don’t attend any then it will just be 100% water.


So this is something I have been cutting down on in 2019, and will continue in 2020.

I love my craft beers, and funky flavoured beers but too many beers again isn’t good for you and give you a wee beer belly which sadly I have now so I would like that to go.

Again just like the coffee I will only now take a beer at a social event, or a special dinner night out or one every few weeks if I am at home.

A wee treat every now and then will be a good change.


I love a good strong coffee in the morning to wake me up, but I have too many throughout the day which isn’t good for you but mmmm I love my coffee.

I decided to look for a coffee alternative, which I found and will do a wee review on soon. This reduces my caffeine intake and its heather for my stomach.

It smells like coffee, and has a very close taste….if you fancy trying here is the link on Amazon (Link Here)

Healthier Water

I mentioned I am now drinking a lot of water daily, but you may say that’s boring as it doesn’t have a taste well that’s where your wrong.

I purchased this water infuser from Amazon (Link HERE) and purchased some lemons and limes from my local supermarket.

this pic only has limes as I enjoy just limes more than mixed.

Cut them up, put them in the middle compartment, filled with water and left in the fridge overnight for a nice cool and flavoured water for the next day.

The flavour isn’t super strong, but it does have a nice flavour and helps make water even nicer to drink….plus lemon and limes have health benefits to.

Overall :

These little life changes can make a big difference, and I look forward to feeling healthier and due to not spending as much saving some extra cash.

Let me know how you flavour your water at home, for some ideas 🙂

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EatGrub Box : Review

I am always willing to try most things, well at least once and I was seeing more and more people were turning to alternative snacks.

One alternative snack that stood out was Crickets, yip you read that right.

I found the company EatGrub and thought lets give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.

The box…

The box arrived and I was mega interested to see what I got, and more intrigued as to how these tasted.

Ok so this was interesting, 3 packs and 3 protein bars…they sounded nice so I guess it was time to taste.

The Taste…

Firstly visually they don’t look very appetising but I grabbed a handful and went for it.

hmm honestly not as bad as I thought they would be, the flavour was nice and the texture is crunchy.

I did finish all 3 packets, but my advice would be to have a drink with them as they are very dry.


Overall yeah these are not as bad as they sound, and taste ok but very dry to eat.

Would I get them again? hmm yeah but I think I will be trying other stuff first.

If you want to be brave and try an alternative snack why not give these a go.

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have tried these. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂