Tandoori Knights via FoodHub (Cambuslang, Glasgow): Review

The Delivery

I fancied something different this week so I opened up the FoodHub app and placed an order from Tandoori Knights, and this is what I ordered.

Regular Veg Pakora £3.50

I like all pakora’s but more recently veg pakora has been the one I have always opted for.

I have found veg pakora can be hit or miss depending on where you are, or who you order from and I can’t remember if I have ever tried it for here.

These came with a dip, but I like to always try them on their own first then with the dip.

Ohh these were very nice, they were perfectly cooked, had a nice crunch and tasted very yummy.

With the dip that added extra flavour and again very very nice.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chicken Tikka Pasanda £9.50

Something different for me, as I tend to stick to the same curries but nope not tonight.

Oh wow this was really nice, the rice was really nice and well cooked and the curry has a lovely creamy coconut flavour to it.

This was similar to a korma but has a slight and I mean slight kick to the curry.

I am glad I tried something different, and would order this again.

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Donner Hoggie £5.00

I wanted to order this again, as I have had this before as I love Donner meat so much.

This was really nice, though the chips could have been cooked just for a few more seconds to add that extra crunch to them.

The sauce and the meat was perfect and the whole bite was mmmm

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall :

Tonights takeaway was very nice, and packed with flavour and I could easily have more of the vegetable pakora.

As I said I ordered via the app FoodHub so please do check out my previous reviews and check it out.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Promo : Gifted

The review posted was not influenced in any way just because it was gifted, all comments and thoughts in this blog post are my 100% honest opinion.

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Paratha Box Order (Aikenhead Road, Glasgow) : Review

While sitting at work the optician said to me have I heard of Paratha Box? I had never heard of them so I brought up the menu and took a look.

Everything sounded so good, and they also did Lassi.

After talking about them and looking at the menu we decided lets get something from them for lunch.

The Order

This was what I got.

Chicken Tikka Paratha Roll £6.00
They say it was invented in Glasgow. The chicken tikka paratha was born here at paratha box, the perfect breakfast, lunch and evening meal! Served in a roll.

This was huge and had a good weight to it, this was going to be a good lunch.

I unwrapped it and took a big big bite…

This was completely packed with flavour!!! this was so so good!!! Everything worked really well and the chicken was really nice and tender.

I am so glad I was introduced to Paratha Box as I cant wait to try more from them.

Extremely filling and really good its getting a SOLID 5/5

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mango Lassi £2.50
330ML of a heavenly taste, Sweet Lassi – freshly made from mango pulp mixed with a blend of yoghurt. Makes a perfect drink for a hot summers day or with any paratha …

Mango Lassi is always a must they are just so good and super addictive.

If you have never had one think of a sweet mango smoothie.

I have found Mango Lassi’s to be hit or miss depending where you go, they are either perfect and nice flavours and sweet or not sweet and just ok.

This one was perfect and sweet enough for me, as I have a very sweet tooth so I enjoyed every sip.

I could have easily had another.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall :

I was so full after my lunch, but it was worth it.

I loved everything! flavours of both the Lassi and the Paratha was perfect. I cant wait to try more from their menu.

If you have never heard of them, or tried them please do give them a wee order and let me know what you think…but I am sure you will enjoy it 🙂

Overall Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Easy Naan Bread: Recipe

Yeild : 4 Naans


  • 250g self-raising flour
  • 250g greek yogurt
  • Pinch salt 

Stage 1 : Prep

  • Mix the self raising flour, Greek yogurt and the pinch of salt together with your hands till it becomes a solid mixture that you can work with
  • Rest the dough for 10-15 mins

Stage 2 : Making and cooking

  • Divide the dough into 4 parts and roll into a circular shape
  • Preheat the pan on a medium-high heat, this is key as you want a warm pan before you place the naans on.
  • I used butter on my pan, but you can use extra virgin oil.
  • Place the dough in the pan and flip once the bottom has turned brown

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