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From the beginning of my blogging journey, my main goal has been to support and promote businesses of all sizes, ranging from small local ventures to medium and large enterprises. With a heart dedicated to helping others, I am always on the lookout for ways to contribute positively to their community and beyond.

But it doesn’t stop there – I am also an avid explorer of Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes. Whenever I embark on a drive through the country, I make sure to vlog and blog about my journey, highlighting the places I visit and the delightful cuisines I savor. By showcasing the beauty of the locations and the delicious offerings, I strive to boost tourism and promote the wonders of Scotland.

Join me on my blogging adventure as I continue to shine a spotlight on businesses, share authentic reviews, and take you on mesmerizing trips through the enchanting landscapes of Scotland. Discover the best places to visit, where to eat, and support local businesses.

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with various awards companies, including the Scottish Fish and Chip Awards, the Italian Awards, the Prestige Hotel Awards, the Entertainment and Hospitality Awards, and the British Curry Awards, all thanks to my dedicated and honest reviewing.

This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, introducing me to countless hidden culinary gems, exceptional restaurants, and top-notch hotels. It’s pushed me to delve even deeper into the art of critique, enhancing my own blogging skills and reviewing techniques along the way. I eagerly anticipate further collaborations with these esteemed organizations.

In 2018, I embarked on an exciting creative endeavor, crafting a small YouTube series that would soon become a milestone for me in the UK blogging community. Enter “Blogger Meets Blogger,” a captivating show that brought together the world of blogging and gastronomy in an innovative way. The concept was simple yet powerful – I set out to interview six diverse and talented bloggers, each representing a unique style, in the charming backdrop of six different Glasgow restaurants.

Little did I know, this fusion of blogger interviews and restaurant exploration was truly trailblazing. A few PR companies quickly recognized the originality and nature of the show, and I was thrilled to be informed that “Blogger Meets Blogger” was the first of its kind for any UK blogger at that point.

I also love trying new things, I have skydived twice and bagged 11 Munros so far and you can see me bag 3 in one day on my Vlog, and soon will try Snorkelling.

Welcome to my blog, where I strive to provide valuable insights and engaging content to my readers. If you’re interested in collaboration opportunities, have a product or service you’d like me to review, or simply have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’m here to assist and support in any way I can.

It’s important to note that all the views and opinions expressed in my blog posts and vlogs are entirely personal and reflect my individual perspective. I value authenticity and honesty above all, and my content is a genuine reflection of my thoughts and experiences.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

What I Blog About
  • Food & Drinks
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Recipes
  • Health / Gym
  • Products
  • Hotels & Getaways

Brands I’ve Worked With:

Executive Shaving, Liomen, Foodhub App, Violife, Hamadaya, Tennents, Degustabox, Unltd Beer, Visit Bute, The Great Outdoor Cinema, La Gioiosa, Hidden Lane Brewery & many more

Scottish Fish & Chips Finalist Judge 2023
Italian Restaurant Finalist Judge 21 / 22 /23
Prestige Hotel Awards Finalist Judge 22 / 23
Entertainment & Hospitality Finalist Judge 22 / 23
Scottish Curry Awards Finalist Judge 2022

Hoolit Magazine Interview 2021

The guys over at the Hoolit Magazine interviewed me, read the full online article at A Starters Guide To Blogging

Chef Henderson Butcher Interview

I was lucky enough to interview Chef Henderson Butcher, who had flown all the way from Barbados to attend a Barbados Island Promotional Event.

He was very busy tonight, but I managed to ask him a few quick questions.

27 Nov 2016:  Read the Interview


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