About Me

Thanks for looking at my blog.

I am a Glasgow based blogger and have been a blogger since 2016, but testing the waters a little before this. This was a very new area for me but I was eager to learn a new skill and have fun at the same time.

I started my blog solely on food, as I was eating a lot and always taking photos of what I eat for Instagram. Over the past few years, I have lowered that to 60% food with 40% for everything else e.g products, travel etc…this means I can have a little variety to what I do.

My Blog Goals :

  • 100% honest reviews
  • Show the food, product etc for how they really look
  • Help promote small, medium and large businesses (every little helps 🙂 )
  • Have fun

I set out to always give an honest review, and have stuck to that since day 1. This also includes any invites or collaborations, again these will always be my 100% honest review good or bad.

Some examples of the brands that I have worked with (mostly via gifted items) are :

Food :

Food Delivery:

Lifestyle :

Equipment :

Health :

Drinks :

Magazines :

Clothing :

In 2018 I made a small YouTube series, the series is called Blogger Meets Blogger. The concept of the show was to interview 6 different styles of bloggers, in 6 different Glasgow restaurants. I was told by several PR companies this style of the show is a 1st for any UK Blogger.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and I aim to try to improve each post, as I continue learning.

If you would like to collaborate, send me something to review or have any questions etc feel free to contact me.

Thanks again for reading and continued support 🙂

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