Would you like me to provide a review of your place or product? I genuinely enjoy assisting in promoting businesses of all sizes, as I believe every little bit helps.

Rest assured, I always provide honest and unbiased reviews on both my Instagram feed and blog. Any promotions or gifts I receive will be posted in the order they were received or gifted, ensuring fairness and transparency.

What you Get:

  • x amount of Instagram posts & stories
  • Full blog post plus Instagram Post and Story Promotion
  • 1 x Reel (Instagram, Ticktok, and Youtube channel)

Advertise on my blog:

  • Guest Posts / Paid Posts (yip, as it helps pay the blog hosting bills (£250 a year) and will state in the tags it’s paid £20 < 500 words £45 > 500 words) but only ones that are in keeping with the theme of my blog!
  • Link insertions £15 (1 page)

Collaboration/Gifted Terms & Conditions

Please note that all the posts on my blog or VLOG are 100% my own thoughts. If a post is sponsored or paid, it will clearly state so. Additionally, on Instagram, I will include the hashtags “gifted” or “invited” to indicate any items or events that have been provided to me. All my posts are published in the order they are gifted, so please keep an eye out for any tags or mentions.


My shop is part of the Amazon affiliate program, which means if you buy something I recommend I get a small percentage of that sale.


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Your contribution is appreciated.

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