New House Renovations (Part 2) 2023

The Next Step

In part two of my home renovation journey, the excitement from part one had given way to a whirlwind of thoughts racing through my mind. I was overwhelmed by what needed to be done, worrying about costs, potential missed details, and the order of tasks. Stress was creeping in, despite well-meaning advice from friends and family.

After taking a deep breath and regaining some clarity, I decided to start by knocking down a wall.

This particular wall had once been a hall cupboard, and by removing it, I could create a seamless flow from the entrance to the living room, a significant improvement from the old layout. The next step was a bit more daunting. I had to relocate pipes from the kitchen, close off a wall, reroute radiator pipes, and handle electrical work – a massive headache.

With my budget in mind, I began searching for professionals to tackle this intricate work. Thankfully, a friend recommended someone reasonable, and we managed to make crucial changes without breaking the bank. Pipes were moved, squeaky floorboards fixed….well some but I will get to that, and radiators shifted, all while keeping costs under control.

I was also fortunate to receive beautiful doors from my generous friends, which enhanced the entrance from the hall to the living room.

Aided by a helpful friend, I added some spotlights throughout the house, bringing my vision to life.

As the chaos in my mind slowly subsided, I began to grasp the necessary tasks, their sequence, and the timing. I patiently waited for the joiner to work their magic before I could proceed.

In the meantime, I turned my attention to the front and back gardens.

Overgrowth was trimmed back, not just for aesthetics but to prevent potential issues with roots causing dampness under the house. It was a small one-bedroom bungalow, and I wanted to maintain its open and welcoming appearance.

Once the joiner finished their part, it was time for more choices. I was determined to install new patio doors, a crucial upgrade. But there was another expense I had been dreading: replacing the aging living room, bedroom, and bathroom windows due to rot and poor quality. With winter approaching, I decided it was best to invest in new, energy-efficient windows..

Finally, there was the matter of the front door. The existing one offered little security, being more of an internal door. With suggestions from friends and family, I decided to relocate the front door to the main wall, which not only improved security but also created a more modern look. After crunching numbers and getting an acceptable quote from my joiner, I gave the green light to this last essential change.

Stay tuned for more updates on my home transformation journey! the next part was plastering and more!!

It’s important to note that all the views and opinions expressed in my blog posts and vlogs are entirely personal, have not been influenced in any way and reflect my individual perspective. I value authenticity and honesty above all, and my content is a genuine reflection of my thoughts and experiences.

New House Renovations (Part 1) 2023

The First Step

At the start of 2023, after months of anticipation and careful consideration, I finally took the monumental step of purchasing my first house. I had been looking for a while but with the market going crazy it took longer than I had hoped for and also money.

It’s a charming one-bedroom bungalow with both front and back gardens, and while I managed to secure it at a good price, there was no denying that it needed a lot of work. Little did I know just how much of an adventure I was embarking on!

The initial excitement of owning my first house was soon met with the realization that a significant renovation lay ahead. The project scope was daunting, from updating the kitchen and bathroom to reviving the garden spaces. There were moments when doubts crept in, and I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew. However, with each decision made with ideas from friends and family and every improvement undertaken, my vision for this house became clearer.

What keeps me going is the belief that, in the end, it will all be worth it. This bungalow, with its potential waiting to be unlocked, is a canvas for me to express my style, preferences, and personality. The journey of renovation has not only been about transforming the physical space but also about the personal growth and learning that come with homeownership.

How It Looked

Upon my initial visit, the house seemed alright at first glance.

It had previously been home to an elderly couple who, according to the many stories I’d heard, had countless wonderful moments with their family right here. They had a fondness for garden centres and similar interests. However, as I officially became the owner, I realized there was more work ahead than I had anticipated. My first impression was that it was a nice place with potential, but little did I know just how much work lay ahead.

The first order of business was clearing out everything left in the house, starting with the kitchen area. The wardrobe doors were barely hanging on, and there was a lingering smoky smell, probably from the previous occupants.

The bathroom and the garden would have to wait. That was just the beginning. I knew I needed to dedicate some time to lift up the floorboards, declutter the kitchen, and demolish the kitchen breakfast bar to create an open space that truly felt like my own.

Throughout this entire process, friends and family pitched various layout ideas to me. The existing layout would have given me a tiny kitchen, much like the original one, and a spacious, elongated living room. However, the dilemma lay in figuring out where to place the sofa, and the TV, and if there would be enough space for a dining table. Maintaining this layout meant sacrificing the dining area as the sofa would obstruct the room’s flow.

To explore alternative solutions, I consulted with my good friend, who proposed a design that involved flipping everything around, knocking down a wall, and closing off another. This new layout would create a cosy living room, a kitchen with a breakfast bar, and a compact dining area. After further work like removing the floorboards and skirting, and clearing out the kitchen, I decided to give this plan the green light.

Before diving into that, I had to craft a detailed plan and create a to-do list. My initial focus was on deciding the placement of everything, ensuring that electrical outlets were in the right spots, determining heater locations, addressing the deteriorating patio doors, and various other essential details.

Stay tuned for the second part to find out how it all unfolded!

It’s important to note that all the views and opinions expressed in my blog posts and vlogs are entirely personal, have not been influenced in any way and reflect my individual perspective. I value authenticity and honesty above all, and my content is a genuine reflection of my thoughts and experiences.
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