Hit The Road Everything You Need For A Memorable Road Trip

Road trips are enjoying a moment in the spotlight thanks to travel restrictions, which mean that it’s not possible to jet off to far-flung destinations. If you’ve decided to hit the road, and you’re keen to enjoy a memorable trip, here are some steps to follow. 

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Make sure you have a reliable vehicle

When it comes to planning a road trip, you have two options. You can either drive and stay over at hotels or camp, or you can buy or hire a vehicle like a motorhome or a camper, which will get you from A to B and provide overnight accommodation. If you’re driving, you need to make sure that you have a reliable car.

You don’t want to design a fabulous, fun-packed itinerary and have to abandon plans because you’ve broken down or it’s taking forever to get to your destination. If you have grand plans, and you’re due to replace your car soon, look into swapping before your trip. Modern vehicles like the new Jaguar F-Pace are ideal for family adventures in the great outdoors, as well as commuting and city driving.

If you’re happy with your existing car, and you’re ready and raring to go, make sure you’re up to date with services and check the tyres, oil and screenwash levels and lights before you travel. 

Choose a destination

The next step is to choose your destination. When narrowing down your options, it’s wise to think about how far you want to travel and what you want to do on your trip.

Do you want to try new activities and test your mettle in the great outdoors, are you keen to explore the coast, or do you fancy visiting attractions like castles, museums, country houses or zoos? Once you’ve decided how far you want to go, you can start researching activities and attractions in the area.

If you plan to visit places that are popular with tourists, it’s a good idea to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Plan your route

Now that you know where you’re going, you can plan your route. If you’ve got a long journey ahead, it’s useful to look at a map, as well as checking out the routes on your sat nav, just in case there is heavy traffic or you lose signal once you get off the beaten track.

It’s also beneficial to mark out places to stop to fill up the tank, grab a bite to eat and stretch the legs, especially if you’re travelling with children or you have a furry friend for company.

Planning ahead will give you an idea of how long the journey should take and minimise the risk of getting lost and losing time. 

Make the journey fun

Planning an unforgettable road trip relies on having fun both when you’re in the car and when you’re exploring outdoors.

To keep everyone entertained, play games, put some new playlists together, stock up on snacks and drinks and bring toys, books and devices to watch films on if you have children and you’re going to be in the car for hours. 

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Road trips are the holiday of choice for many people at the moment. If you’re hoping to hit the roads in the coming weeks, follow these simple steps for a brilliant break. 

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4 Things to Do On Every City Break


A city break is a fantastic way for you to scratch that travel itch even when you don’t have a lot of time. Whether at home or away, there’s always something for you to discover lurking around every corner.

But if you’ve never taken a city break before, you might not know how to make the most of it, so here are four things to do on every city break to help you get as much as you can from the experience. 

Find a Walking Tour 

First up, walking tours are undeniably the best way to get to know a city, and they should be the very first thing you do once you arrive and drop your bags in your hotel or hostel. Not only will these walking tours (which are free, by the way) Give you insight into the city’s history, it will also help you to get your bearings, which will save you wasting a day wandering around lost.

If you’re rushed for time and only taking a short break, a walking tour allows you to see things that you might otherwise miss, too. 

Look for the Best View 

People who love the city will tell you that there’s nothing better than looking out across a sprawling city skyline with the sun setting over the horizon. This gives you a different perspective of the city, and it’s also a fantastic way to spend an evening.

Of course, these types of places, such as rooftop bars, are usually quite expensive, so see if you can climb to the highest natural point like a viewpoint, and enjoy the sights from there.  

Do Something a Little Weird

Every city has that little quirk that sets it apart from other metropolitan destinations both near and far. Medellin in Colombia has its Graffiti Walking Tour. Whitby on the Yorkshire coast has its spooky night-time ghost walk. Rather than stick to the tried and tested attractions, look for things that are a little odd and niche. These out-there activities are a fantastic way of experiencing more of the city’s personality, which will make you love it even more. 

Give Yourself Time to Slow Down

City breaks can be an exhausting adventure, so you won’t be able to make the most of it if you’re dead on your feet. If you have the time, don’t be afraid to take a quick pitstop in your apart hotel to recharge so you can actually enjoy the rest of the trip.

Rather than rush around all day, give yourself blocks to do things, and try to do the things farthest away early on so you don’t need to deal with the journey later in the day, where you’re likely to be even more exhausted. 

A Much-Needed Break

Now and again, we feel we need a much-needed break, and a city break is a perfect solution. So, if you want to make the most of every minute you’re there, these tips should help you adapt and blend into your temporary home quickly so you can uncover everything you need to know. 

How To Eat Like A Local When You Travel

A big part of the travel experience is getting to experience some local traditions, history, and culture. An easy way to sample all three of these is just by eating local food. Whether you want to try the highly structured Japanese tea ceremony or a simple meal from a street food stall in India, trying the local cuisine in the way the locals eat it is a good way of making your trip more memorable.

Here are a few ways to eat like a local when you travel. 

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There’s no shortage of food and travel information on the internet, so researching your destination should be easy. As well as looking at travel websites, check the food and drink sections of local newspapers of where you’re going.

You can also check out local food bloggers to find some hidden gems known only to the locals, like jardindelmediterraneo.co.uk

Hit The Streets

It’s hard to get more authentic than street food as a vibrant and existing way to explore local cuisine.

You can try things like spicy bhajis and sticky jalebis from roadside vendors in India, huge meat kebabs in Marrakech, or some of the best street food in the world in Thailand.

Street food is an amazing way to try local food. Head out, and try lots of small dishes to get a taste of as much as you can. 

Shop With The Locals

Think about your own habits and you shop for food and eat at home. Seafood and produce markets are usually busy with local shoppers on market days.

You should visit them to see what the locals are eating and to buy some amazing fresh produce.

Haggle over the early morning fish catch in the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, or eat freshly made tortellini in the traditional delis in Bologna. Supermarkets can also give you some good clues to the way the locals like to eat. 

Ask A Local

You can ask locals, like your taxi drivers, for some suggestions for where the locals like to go out to dinner, and may even take you there. Instead of asking the hotel concierge for directions to nearby restaurants where the tourists go, ask them where they like to go for meals with their friends.

Ask locals for suggestions to find out where the locals eat, and experience the cuisine in a more authentic way. 

Time Your Visit

Festivals and other local celebrations are a really fun way to learn about local history and food culture. For example, in many countries, Christmas is a huge deal and stepped in local tradition.

You could try traditional Christmas foods like kartoffelpuffer (deep-fried potato cakes) and mulled wine at Germany’s Christmas markets. There are a huge number of food festivals all around the world, from oysters in Galway in October, to garlic festivals in Lautrec in France in August.

Time your visit to arrive somewhere new while a food festival is going on, so you can join in the fun. 

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