My Second Tandem Skydive at Skydive St Andrews 2021

After my first skydive, I knew I had to do at least one more, so I booked my dive and added to my calendar.

I wanted to get it filmed again so I asked if George would be able to film for me, he filmed my first dive and I really liked what he did.

Today was a gorgeous day, and I enjoyed it just as much as my first. Will there be a 3rd dive? maybe…..keep watching this space

My first tandem Skydive at Skydive St Andrews 2021

The Visit

I am not a big fan of heights, but its something I have always wanted to do. I don’t know why, but something about it looked amazing even though I knew I would be mega high up.

This was a gift, and I knew the person who got me it would want me to use it….plus I REALLY wanted to to do it and have done for a long time.

Thanks to Scottish weather I have visited here 7 times before this video and unfortunately it was cancelled, but today they called me to say they had a free slot and I jumped at the offer…no pun intended.

This was better and different to what I had in my mind, and please do persist if you book as its 100000% worth it. The strange part was, I didn’t feel scared just excited and couldn’t wait to do it.

The free fall is the best part, its something you cant really explain you just have to experience. Then whoosh your floating up and back down to the ground….it goes from one extreme to the other and you don’t appreciate how good it is till your down and processing what’s just happened.

Unfortunately, the original music used I have had to take out due to Youtube copyright issues, but I can tell you George did a REALLY good job with my video I am VERY pleased with it.

Skydive Video was edited by George (Skydive St Andrews) and my tandem buddy was ŇĀukasz.

I will 1000% be booking a second jump so keep watching for that video when I do ūüôā

I highly recommend you check out Skydive St Andrews, everyone was very professional and very nice.

See you soon guys for my second dive!!!

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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