My top 5 posts of 2021

What a year it’s been, I have never been busier with regards to my blog.

For 95% of the year, I was posting a new blog daily, which I have never done but it was so much fun.

Looking back at the end of year stats it’s interesting to see what were my top 5 posts, and it’s never the ones I expected.

Below are my top 5 posts in order.

1. German Donner Kebab Boss Box

I had always wanted to visit GDK but I was never in the area, and it was during lockdown I got introduced to their amazing food.

They launched the new GDK Boss Box which I was given to try and review.

I have been back a few times and enjoyed the meals there very much.

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2. Sons Men’s DHT Blocking Shampoo Subscription Box

When the guys at Sons asked if I wanted to review a hair loss shampoo I was a little hesitant, firstly because I am so far not losing any hair.

I had a long think and thought maybe there are a few of my readers that are and would like to know of a product that could help them so I accepted and tried the product.

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3. BURGUR Grill – (Halal) (Pollokshields, Glasgow)

I got invited to come to the newly opened at that time Burgur Grill, which was right next to my fave Indian sweet shop Barfia.

I took my dad with me tonight and we both had a lovely meal.

I will be back soon.

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4. QUARTERPAST Coffee Syrups

During lockdown, I was having my morning coffee and the guys sent me some coffee syrups to try.

I love a good coffee, so adding some extra flavours was a great way to enhance my morning coffee experience.

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5. Doppio Malto Italian Restaurant (Glasgow) 2021

I love finding new restaurants and trying them, and this invite was one that I will never forget.

The food tonight was really good, and I have been back since and it was just as nice as my previous experience.

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Sons: DHT Hair Loss / Prevention Subscription Box : VLOG Review


The guys over at Sons sent me their care package box, which helps hair loss/prevention for me to try for a month.⠀


Minoxidil – Topical solution, twice a day⠀
Shampoo – Use once a day⠀
Biotin vitamin – 1 tablet per day⠀

Come join me on my month’s journey to find out what I thought about Sons care package.⠀

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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L’Oreal Studio Line 6 vs Fudge Urban Matte Wax 8 : Review

IMG_6503 (1)

So I am trying a few new things this year with regards to blogging, and Vlogging, and this is one of the many new things.

I use products and on a regular basis, one that I use daily is hair wax so I thought why not blog about it and share my experience.

I am not Mr Knowledgeable when it comes to things like this, so for me its trail and error. I would like to try more products and see what they are like, but right now it cost and playing safe till I have some money to play with.

So this review will be for two products, one that I have used for a while and one that I recently tried and the reason why I decided to try it.

Urban Fudge (Strength 8) :

As you have possibly seen from my many Instagram pictures, I like my hair short and spiked up.

I first tried the number 5 strength and thought nah this isn’t for me, but I decided to see if 8 was any better and it was MUCH!!! better for me.

This is really good! if your after a strong hold, one that could even last through the night and next day (if you don’t wash it out at night) then this is for you)

My only problem is the cost of this, this roughly lasts one month for me and its around £7. Yeah thats not much but £7 every month…..

You can get this on offer at SuperDrug which is good as its basically buy one get one free, but its difficult to know when they have it without stopping in store loads.

L’Oreal Studio Line 6

So I mentioned cost was a thing for me, so I decided to try this as it said it was a strong hold and L’Oreal get a good name.

On opening its a very different style of wax to Urban, its more smooth and closer to a gel but not a gel.

I put a little on and put it through my hair, it felt slightly wet the texture but I thought this might start to harden in a few minutes so I left it.

After an hour it still had the same look and feel, it didn’t get any harder so I thought ok lets see how this is over the course of a day.

For me this was just ok, it didn’t have the hold I wanted and over the course of the day. What I did notice is that after washing my hair in the morning, and drying it…it still felt like some wax was in my hair and I use a good shampoo and very warm water.

Overall :

Overall I think I will stick with Urban Fudge, as it seems to have the hold I want.

If your looking for a strong hard hold/texture for your hair go with Fudge, but if you want a soft hold use the L’Oreal.

If you know of any that is similar, and has similar hold and maybe cheaper please do let me know I am always wanting to try new things.

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