Prezzo (Breahead, Glasgow) 2022 : Review

The Visit

Tonight my gran wanted to visit Breahead and fancied eating in Prezzo.

I have not been to Prezzo in ages so I was looking forward to trying the dishes again.

The Burger

Grilled Chicken Burger £12.95
grilled chicken breast with crispy prosciutto, cheddar, red onion, garlic mayo, fresh tomato, lettuce, served with house fries and a garlic mayo dip.

I have had a few burgers lately, and I didn’t feel like anything else so I opted for the grilled chicken burger as it sounded nice.

On arrival this looked big and ok, I did notice the red onion was HUGE and needed cut up more but it was time to taste.

I am glad it had the mayo on the burger as if it didn’t it would have been very dry, flavour wise it was nice but nothing jumped out at me.

The chips on the other hand were amazing! they had a great crispness to them and tasted great on their own and with the dip.

My Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Lucky Saint Beer (0.5% ABV) £4.25

Since I was driving tonight, I opted for a non alcoholic beer to go with my meal.

Its been ages since I have had a non alcoholic beer, so it was time to try another.

This was very nice, and very refreshing.

It was light, had a good taste and did actually taste like beer which some don’t.

I really liked this beer and would have it again.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Visit Overall

Tonight’s visit was nice, as it was nice to spend time with my gran and have a nice meal.

Burger wise it was just ok, a little too dry for my taste and not much flavour….the chips were the winner here.

Overall Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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