Zag Drinks Beer Alternative Drink: Review


The guys at ZAG Drinks contacted me to see if I would like to try their new drink.

I love finding new brands and new products as its fun and cool to try new things.

Just like food, I also like to try new drinks and see if I can find a new favourite or something I would buy on a regular basis so I was very excited to try this and see it tasted.

About ZAG

Refreshingly zesty, deliciously different. Kombucha, Hemp, Green Tea, Mint, Citrus.

No added sugar or artificial sweeteners. 54cals, 0% alcohol.

What Arrived

WOW the guys over at ZAG Drinks really spoiled me here, sending me many cans and the above picture is just half the box.

As you just read its only 54 calories per can and no added sugar, so this is a good alternative to your other drinks that are packed with sugars.

The Drink

Lets start with the can and the branding.

The can as you see stands out due to the colour, and also the ZAG logo on the front. I think its got a very funky cool and modern look to it. If you saw this in your local shop, the can would defiantly would stand out.

Now on to the smell….time to pop the can open.

The smell reminds me of crushed mint leaves, orange and something else…I cant put my finger on it.

Visually this looked like a light beer in the glass, as you can see in the picture above.

Taste time.

hmmm ok now this is an interesting taste.

At first taste I was thrown and thought “nope not for me” but I decided to keep sipping. For me its an ok flavour, not sweet or not sour.

It is refreshing, very thirst quenching, and easy to drink.

Zag at Work

Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the drinks product from ZAG

Firstly a big thanks to ZAG Drinks for sending me their drinks.

This drink is refreshing, and easy to sip and I will take some to work and drink them while there and at home.

I did drink these for a week, and the taste did grow on me and now enjoying it very much.

Do check them out click the social links at the top of this post or the ones just below this text.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Protecting Your Health During Extended Lockdowns

Pixabay (CC0 Licence)

When the first government Covid advice came out more than nine months ago there will have been few of us who would have thought that we’d be here at the start of 2021. Still locking down, with the numbers looking worse than they did in the early days of the response, it’s hard not to wonder when things will truly settle down. They will – and the vaccine should accelerate that process – but for those of us who have come to rely on trips out, it does make things harder.

One specific concern is related to how we address a health issue that would ordinarily have resulted in a trip to our doctors’ surgery. If you have a symptom – physical or mental – that’s bugging you, it’s natural to want to get it checked out. But with the risk of transmission on the way to (and at) the doctors’ surgery, many of us are now less enthused by the idea of making that trip, and are left making an alternative decision. Often we resolve to monitor the issue until it either goes away by itself or gets bad enough to necessitate urgent care. For those of us in the position, the following advice might help to make the right decisions.

You can Google your concerns, but exercise caution

When people say that the internet has been both a blessing and a curse, the statement is particularly true when it comes to medical advice. Online information can be enlightening and beneficial, but it can never be as tailored as medical advice needs to be. Even the most benign symptoms, when Googled, can return terrifying results. Don’t go to any search engine with an issue as general as “persistent cough” or “three-hour headache”, because without much more detail, not even a doctor could make the right decision on how to proceed with those symptoms. If you need to find useful home remedies, on the other hand, there are plenty of good sources online.

Take advantage of technology

While self-diagnosing with the help of your laptop may be a bad idea, there are some technological solutions that are more advisable. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms for longer than is comfortable, then it may be time to turn to an online GP. They will take a brief history from you, and then ask targeted questions that allow them to make a considered decision on how to proceed, and maybe a diagnosis. Increasingly, they can also authorise a prescription which can be sent to you by post. If you need to be seen in person, they’ll help to arrange that, too.

Urgent issues still require urgent care

There is an assumption – one which has been allowed to spread too wide – that hospitals filling up with Covid patients means that there is no capacity to treat people with any other issue. In truth, hospitals are separated into different wards and sections specifically so that such things don’t happen. If you have an issue that requires urgent treatment, then it is beneficial to go to the nearest urgent care centre where they can provide the intervention that is needed. Better to do this than let things get worse, and then need the acute medical attention that is stretched so thin right now.

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Chorizo and Cheese Omelette – Recipe

Ingredients : 

  • 3 eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Spanish chorizo
  • Shredded cheese (cheddar)
  • 1/2 White Onion

How to make a chorizo omelette

  1. Heat the pan and put a nice layer of oil in
  2. Chop up half a white onion into nicely fine pieces and add to the pan
  3. Keep turning them so they cook nicely

Chorizo Preparation : 

  1. Cut up the chorizo in to small bite sized chunks, normally 1/4 of one is fine
  2. Put your chopped chorizo in and toss for a few seconds
  3. As the chorizo cooks with the onion add a few pinches of salt to season it

Eggs Preparation:

  1. Put the 3 eggs in a bowl and season with a pinch or two of salt
  2. Beat the eggs until smooth

The Omelette : 

  1. Add your eggs mixture
  2. Let the bottom of the omelet set
  3. Sprinkle some cheese on this side, whatever cheese you fancy. I added cheddar and also spicy cheese tonight.
  1. Carefully flip the omelet. 
  2. Give this side a little time to cook
  3. When you see it’s ready….serve.


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