How To Enjoy A Campervan Holiday And Avoid Dreaded Breakdowns

Going on a campervan trip seems like a great idea – nothing but you, your mobile accommodation, and the open road. 

However, ensuring that your vacation goes off without a hitch can be a challenge, especially if you’re using an old-school vehicle. You could get lost, run out of fuel, or even experience a major breakdown that puts your entire trip in jeopardy. 

In this post, we discuss some essential tips for enjoying your next travelling holiday. Don’t leave home without reading this first: 

Make Sure You Have The Skills To Drive Your Van

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Campervans might look tame on the outside, but they’re actually very different from regular cars. For starters, they’re much larger. But they also have a much bigger turning radius, which means that they can be challenging to extract from parking spaces. What’s more, there aren’t any automatic versions, meaning that you need to be comfortable using a manual gearbox. Learn how to drive them first to avoid stress on your trip

Do A Little Planning 

While campervans negate the need to do a lot of planning (thanks to the fact that you can set them up pretty much anywhere), you will need to think ahead a little. You don’t want to wind up in a situation where you have to rest for the night on a busy verge. Ideally, you should have picturesque checkpoints along the way where you can stop off, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the natural environment. 

Service Your Vehicle Before You Hit The Road

Campervans also need preventative servicing before you hit the open road. Remember, even if your vehicle is okay for going to the grocery store, it might not be ready to take on a 1,000-mile-plus trip on the open road

Get a mechanic to check common failure points, such as the gearbox, spark plugs, exhaust manifold and clutch. Ensure that you have enough runway in these components to easily accommodate the length of your trip. 

Pack All Your Essentials

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When travelling in a campervan, you need to be self-sufficient. And that means packing all your essentials – as if you were going camping, minus the tent. 

At the very least you’ll need a washing up bowl, chopping board, a decent knife, cutlery, bowls, plates and tin openers. You’ll also need all your toiletries, including toilet paper, shampoos and soaps. Also, don’t forget to bring the little things that will make your trip more enjoyable, such as bug spray and sunscreen. 

Plan Your Meals

While you’ll encounter plenty of fast food joints during your trip, you probably don’t want to visit them too often. Ideally, you want your vacation to leave you feeling refreshed, not sluggish. 

Plan your meals in advance, setting out what you’ll eat each day. Make sure that you have something for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even if you decide to stop off at joints along the route. 

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When packing, try to include lots of dry and tinned foods that won’t go off. Vegetables, such as onions and garlic will last a long time. But greens will quickly wilt and go bad.

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