Eliminate Travel Stress With These 6 Tips


Going on an adventure should be anything but stressful. You save up all year to go travelling, and you can’t wait for the opportunity to forget work for a couple of weeks and relax in a beautiful location. But sometimes, the process of taking a holiday creates a lot more anxiety than expected.

There is so much to think about when planning a big trip. You have to book the time off work, make hotel reservations, buy plane tickets, and keep everything within your limited budget. And then there are the unexpected issues when things go wrong. Flights get delayed, you miss your connection, or you forget to pack your phone charger. All these logistical hurdles and little mishaps can add up, and sometimes you end your holiday desperate to return to the simplicity of everyday life.

But this shouldn’t be the case. Travelling the world should be an opportunity to explore the world, experience new foods and cultures, meet new people, and take part in adventurous activities you’d normally never dream of. It should let you relax and destress from the pressures and deadlines of your job and help you take care of your mental health.

To help you avoid any unforeseen disasters on your next adventure, and reduce the logistical challenges of planning the trip, here are six excellent tips for eliminating travel stress.

Plan your itinerary

By creating a detailed plan and itinerary for your trip, you will reduce the likelihood of things going wrong, and eliminate a lot of travel-related stress. The process of getting to your destination is often the most stressful, so draw up a detailed itinerary of where you need to be and when to make sure you don’t miss your flight. Give yourself a comfortable routine so the trip will have a bit more structure, and you’ll be better prepared to deal with any unexpected that might arise. Book travel, accommodation, and activities well in advance to save you worrying about making reservations at the last minute.

Create a budget

Minimising your travel costs is another common cause of stress, as you always end up spending more than planned on holiday. Minimise unnecessary expenditure by creating and sticking to a budget. This will allow you to keep track of all your spending and give you an idea of your daily allowance.

Schedule some downtime

Your holiday is a time for rest and relaxation, and you will need some downtime in order to wind down and give yourself a break. Although you will no doubt want to explore your new environment and do some sightseeing, try to schedule some leisure time into your itinerary. Put your feet up by the pool with a cocktail, hit the sauna at the hotel spa, or curl up on a remote corner of the beach with a good book. This will be hugely beneficial for your mental health, and all the stresses of planning your trip will soon fade away.

Give yourself extra time

Worrying about missing your flight can cause a lot of anxiety, If you’re late for takeoff, your whole holiday is ruined, and you probably won’t be able to get your money back. Don’t be that person who arrives at the airport with just minutes to spare. Aim to get there with a few hours buffer, so you won’t be caught out if you get stuck in traffic or have problems going through security. It doesn’t matter if you get there early; just find somewhere to grab a coffee and read a book while you wait.

Eliminate risk

With any big trip, there is always a chance that something could go wrong. And it’s often out of your control. Your car might break down on the way to the airport, you’ll get struck down with food poisoning, or you’ll have your wallet stolen in a dodgy part of town. There’s often nothing you could have done when these things go wrong, but you can still take steps to minimise the risk. Consider the most likely things to go wrong and take action to resolve them. This might mean taking your car in for a service and getting a replacement for your worn out rims and tyres. You might also need to do some research and find out which poor-quality restaurants and unsavoury areas you should avoid.

Plan for your return

As the end of your trip approaches, it’s common to start feeling stressed by the prospect of going back to work. Try to make your trip end on a high point by planning something to look forward to upon your return. Make some fun plans with a friend or have something delicious in the freezer to heat up when you get back.

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Short breaks in Glasgow is a foodies paradise

Since I am from Glasgow, I thought I would give you ideas of places to visit, restaurants to try while you take a short break in Glasgow.

It doesn’t matter if you already stay in Glasgow, or are traveling here. Glasgow is bursting at the scenes and is a foodies paradise.

Are you into architecture or museums? A foodie or a sightseer? let me help you plan your perfect staycation with my guide for the top things to see and top places to eat in Glasgow.

When you have a short break in Glasgow, expect culture and shopping-filled days with fun nights watching live music and chatting to friendly locals in the pub or clubs. Glasgow has something for everyone. From the great architecture, vibrant culture, to our amazingly tasty food and drink scene.

Only less than an hour by train from Glasgow, Edinburgh, the city’s architecture alone is a good reason to plan a Glasgow city break

Places To visit on your Glasgow Short break

There are many places to visit in Glasgow, best staycation ideas can be found right here in Glasgow

I could be here all day typing them all up but here are some of my top spots that I recommend on your UK Staycation you try and visit.

If you have been here, do let me know what you thought in the comments below this post.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Entry Cost : FREE

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Mu​seum is Glasgow’s most visited attraction.​ 

It has many rooms and attractions for you to see, and I highly recommend you take your time and take in all the paintings etc as the details are amazing.

While you are here why not check out the park thats right next to it, its a great big park and very relaxing and enjoyable to walk about. I have done this many times, when I used to stay in the West End and prior to that pop over and visit.

The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel

Glasgow transport museum is a very cool place to visit, it has many items on display and even includes a street thats themed to look very old.

I also recommend you take a walk out the back, and take a visit on the Tall ship.

This does cost money to go onboard, but its worth every penny as you get to see on deck an below deck which is really interesting to see.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Situated in the West End, this is a lovely place to take a walk around the Botanics and go inside and see all the amazing and wonderful plants.

You will see so many new species of plants etc its a great experience and one for all the family.

Glasgow City Centre

Glasgow city centre, is loaded with businesses and many cafes, restaurants, pubs and great shops.

Take a walk along the streets, visit Buchanan Street and see all the great shops there. Take a walk to George Square and see the statues, you will never bored in Glasgow as there is so much to see and do.

Glasgow West End

Glasgow West End is a great place to visit, as you have seen from above you have the Museum, the Botanics plus many great wee cafes, restaurants and other little shops.

I loved to walk about the shops here, and also walk in Kelvingrove park….sometimes even just sitting on the grass and enjoying the day and atmosphere.

Restaurants To Visit

Since I am a Glasgow food blogger, I couldnt not mention a few good places to visit.

Again just like places to visit, there are so many amazing places to eat. Just because they are not on my list, doesnt mean they are bad, so please dont miss any out.



Glasgow, West End

Overall :

When planning your UK Staycation, either get a notepad or use a spreadsheet and sit and plan it out.

Start with your top must see places, or must eat places then followed by a “if we have time we will see or visit x” this way your enjoying your staycation and not feeling rushed to make sure you tick off everything on your list….if you don’t then just have another staycation 🙂

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Tips To Boost Your Mental Health


Your mental health is an essential part of your overall well-being and impacts your happiness. Without stable mental health, you risk losing your way and not being able to function to the best of your ability.

The better your mental health, the better you’re going to feel overall. Your mood will lift, and you’ll have more natural energy this way. You’ll also have a more positive mindset when you nurture your mental health. Be glad to know there are a plethora of ways to help you boost your mental health so you can get back to living your life to the fullest and feeling more joy.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

One way to boost your mental health is to keep a gratitude journal. Being thankful for what you have is an excellent way to refocus your mind and energy. Write down specifics and review them daily to start your day off right. It’s going to help channel your brain to thinking about what’s going well instead of the negative. You may come to find there’s much more to be grateful for than you originally assumed and that you have a lot going for you. Sometimes all you need to change your mood and attitude around is to see for yourself all that’s going well in your life.

Experiment with Music

Boost your mental health through the power of music. Music can alter your mood, depending on the song and beat. Take the time to experiment with it by listening to different types of music to see what makes you feel alive and well. You may even want to express yourself and improve your mental health and mood by dabbling in writing songs. Take the time to learn and review Songwriting tips to help you get started and find success with this project. You’ll likely feel a sense of relief when you put your thoughts and emotions into words and turn them into a catchy song you can be proud to share if you choose.

Exercise & Eat Balanced Meals

Exercise and the foods you eat also have a significant impact on your mental state. You’ll feel happier and will be able to reduce stress when you work out frequently and eat balanced meals. Find activities you enjoy doing that gets your heart rate up and challenges your mind and body. Also, get in the habit of cooking for yourself at home using fresh ingredients and try to avoid foods high in bad fats and sugar. Together, working out and eating healthy will be a powerful combination for you finding and achieving a boost in your mental health.

Spend Time in Nature

Get outside and soak up the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air whenever you’re feeling low or bored. You’re likely to find that spending time in nature is refreshing and rewarding. There are many activities you can do outside to pass the time. For example, go for a walk or hike, work in your garden, or play with your kids at the park. Boost your mental health by getting outside of your house and appreciating all the benefits nature has to offer.

Open up & Share

You may be feeling anxious or worried because you have a lot on your mind. It may help to open up and share with others what you’re going through. Talk to people you trust or seek professional help so you can get to a better mental state. You shouldn’t have to suffer or try to solve challenges all by yourself if you’re struggling. There are plenty of people and resources out there to help you get through trying times. Sometimes all you have to do is be willing to open up and be honest about what’s happening in your life. Let the person you’re talking to know if you simply want them to listen or if you prefer for them to give you advice.

Make Sleep A Priority

Sleep is essential to you functioning well and feeling happier. Boost your mental health by going to bed at a decent hour and waking up around the same time each day. Configure your room for optimal sleep by getting comfortable bedding and a nice mattress and making sure the room is at the right temperature and dark enough. Find a relaxing bedtime routine that helps calm your mind instead of stimulating it. Get enough activity throughout the day so that when it’s time to go to bed, you feel tired and ready to hit your pillow.

Follow Your Professional Passion

Working and making a living for yourself is a significant part of your life. It’s your livelihood and what you live for in some cases. Therefore, it’s vital that you make an effort to follow your professional passion and do what you love. Find a job and career that challenges you and puts your skills to good use. Boost your mental health by leaving a dead-end job or unhealthy work environment and finding other opportunities that are more gratifying and rewarding. Be willing to make changes and take chances that benefit you, and that you know are good for your health and well-being.

Discover Hobbies You Enjoy

Boredom can take a toll on your mental health and cause you to feel low or down. While it’s okay to slow down once in a while, you also don’t want to sit around all day every day doing nothing. Therefore, boost your mental health by discovering hobbies you enjoy and that you can do in your free time. You may discover other skills you have and find that these hobbies and pastimes make you feel more joyful and confident. There are many possibilities to choose from so look around and experiment with different ideas until you find activities that are fun and suitable for you.

Read Positive Affirmations Daily

Another tip to boost your mental health is to read positive affirmations that make you feel good. Read them daily as a way to start your day and get the right headspace for tackling your to-do list. You may find prayer or spiritual practices to be beneficial for boosting your mental health as well. It’s all about what works for you, and you find to be the most useful for keeping a positive mindset. You’ll likely find that you’re able to be a more optimistic person when you read these affirmations and aren’t focusing on the negatives. You may even want to spend time coming up with your own and writing down uplifting words of encouragement and hope that you can review and keep top of mind.

Unplug & Color Instead

Technology is useful, but it can also be addicting. You may come to find you’re spending too much time scrolling through social media on your phone or staring at a computer screen. Boost your mental health by taking breaks from technology and unplugging every so often. Instead, you can choose to color and relax your mind with this soothing activity. There are adult coloring books you can get and many different patterns and designs you can work on and fill in. Give it a try and notice how you quickly slow racing thoughts and can concentrate and think more clearly when you’re done coloring. It’s not only a relaxing activity but it can be a lot of fun too. You may also want to bring out the coloring books with your kids and participate in arts and crafts with them to use your creativity and rest your mind and thoughts.

Take Breaks & Vacation

You may be working too much and find you feel exhausted and tired most days. If this is the case, then it may be time to take more breaks and go on a vacation. Take breaks throughout your day to stretch your legs and drink water. You’ll be more productive in the long run when you give your mind and brain a rest from thinking so hard. Use your vacation days at work and go someplace warm where you can sit on a beach and relax. Get someone at the office to cover for you while you’re out so you can unplug entirely and not be consumed by any work matters. You’ll likely return to your job feeling refreshed and ready to continue working toward your goals again with a new perspective and attitude.


There’s no denying the importance of stable mental health. You deserve to feel your best each day and not be suffering in silence. Therefore, put these tips into practice and begin your journey to improving your mental state and life overall. These tips will help get you into a better frame of mind, so you’re in an ideal state to tackle your goals and find success with your endeavors. Be patient because it can take time for these ideas to have a positive impact on your life and attitude. Your habits and what you choose to do each day can truly help boost your mental health and ensure you can be your best self each day.

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