Glasgow Rum Experience with Dean MacGregor (Vega, Glasgow) 2023 : Review


A few years ago, I had a strong desire to deepen my knowledge, particularly in my field of interest, the culinary world.

This journey led me to explore the delightful realm of beverages that complement food. At the time, my drink choices were limited to soft drinks, beer, and cocktails, and I hadn’t ventured beyond that comfort zone.

Then, I stumbled upon a monthly rum club, which I decided to attend. Through engaging conversations, tasting sessions, and exposure to a wide variety of rums, my appreciation for rum blossomed. From that day forward, I not only cherished the process but also savored the intricate flavors of this captivating spirit.

Unfortunately, the restaurant that used to host this event closed its doors, and I gradually lost touch with some of the people I had met there. However, fate smiled upon me when I unexpectedly ran into the gentleman who had been the event’s host. He shared the exciting news that he had revived the event and encouraged me to attend once more.

About the Night

Dean MacGregor, Rum Ambassador for Speciality Brands will take us on a journey of rum styles, from cane juices to molasses

The Event

As I perused the event description on Eventbrite, I noticed the mention of a certain Dean McGregor, the rum ambassador for the evening’s Brands of Rum. He promised to lead us on a captivating journey through the world of rums, offering tastings of various selections. With anticipation building, I promptly marked the date in my calendar and set off, eager to embrace this rum-filled adventure.

Tonight’s event took place at Yotel in town, a venue I had never visited before, adding to my excitement. The event was hosted on the top floor, known as Vega, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. As I stepped out of the elevator, the vista that greeted me was nothing short of spectacular, and it set the stage for an incredible evening.

Making my way into the rum events area, I was warmly welcomed by a diverse group of attendees. To kick things off, I was handed a delightful cocktail, which I must admit was exceptionally tempting and incredibly easy to savor. It turned out that this cocktail featured one of the rums we were about to explore, instantly piquing my anticipation for the event.

The evening promised a lineup of six different rums, each accompanied by a tasting experience. Having never sampled any of these rums before, my curiosity was in overdrive, and I couldn’t wait to embark on this rum-filled journey. With the night underway, the adventure was about to begin.

As we savored each sip and explored the diverse array of rums, the bottles made their rounds, allowing us to appreciate their distinct labels, brands, and descriptions. Although a couple of them featured French labels, which posed a linguistic challenge for those unfamiliar with the language, the universal language of taste easily bridged any communication gap.

The first rum to grace our palates was Veritas, a white blended rum, which had also been the star of our welcome cocktail. It offered a delightful introduction to the evening. Following that, we delved into an Agricole Blanc from Nissan, an intriguing choice crafted from sugar cane, a novel experience for me. Renegade Cane followed suit, slightly sweeter and thoroughly enjoyable, leaving me craving more.

The standout of the evening was undoubtedly the fifth offering, Black Tot Rum, with its velvety finish and enchanting notes of caramel and chocolate. It was an absolute pleasure to savor. The final rum, also from Black Tot, held its own and contributed to the overall excellence of the tasting experience.

In summary, tonight’s rum exploration proved truly delightful. It was a shared enjoyment among all attendees, an opportunity to sample not only new rums but also expand our horizons in the world of spirits. Personally, every aspect of this event was a novel experience for me, and I eagerly look forward to returning to future events to discover more hidden gems.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Rum doesn’t sound like my kind of drink,” I urge you to give it a chance. There’s no harm in trying, and just like every other beverage category—whether it’s whiskey, cocktails, or beer—rum offers a wide range of options to suit various preferences.

Final Thoughts…

As I mentioned, this event was truly exceptional, so I encourage you to approach it with an open mind. Remember, there’s a rum out there for everyone, waiting to be discovered.

Perhaps I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you at one of these events in the future. Cheers!

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