Zizzi (Glasgow, Silverburn) 2023 : Review

Visit & Vibes

Today’s Silverburn visit I decided to head back to Zizzi,

I wanted to try something different from my last visit and see how other dishes are.

Seated at a charming front table, the ambience was inviting despite an initial hiccup with sticky chairs. A swift relocation remedied the situation, but the table could have been a little bit cleaner.

Noise Level★★★★★
Restaurant Temperature★★★★
Table Dressing★★★
Restaurant Cleanliness★★★

The Food

Rich & creamy risotto with smoky salmon flakes, green pesto, spinach, baby romanesco cauliflower and lemon.

Today I decided to try their hot smoked salmon and pesto risotto.

I am a big lover of risotto, I anticipated a symphony of flavors.

Visually alluring, the dish only gave off a subtle pesto aroma.

My first bite revealed the delicate essence of salmon while the pesto lingered faintly, a hint of what could have been.

Regrettably, the pesto’s presence failed to shine, a slight disappointment as I crave a more robust pesto profile.

The overall experience remained satisfactory, though I am not sure if I’d choose this dish again, due to it only having a very subtle pesto flavour.

Dish Flavour★★★★
Serving Size★★★★★
Value for Money★★★

Passion Fruit Sparkler Mocktail £4.95
Passion fruit, mango, lime and soda.

Turning my attention to the drinks, I decided to try a mocktail.

Opting for the Passion Fruit Sparkler Mocktail, its appearance reminded me of a Pornstar Martini.

The first sip was lovely and refreshing, and the mix of flavours worked really well together.

This is a very tasty mocktail and one that I would have again on my next visit.

Dish Flavour★★★★★
Serving Size★★★★★
Value for Money★★★★★

Final Thoughts…

Today’s visit to Zizzi was again a mixed bag.

The risotto, with nice subtle flavors, struck a chord despite my personal pesto preference.

The mocktail, a great refreshing drink was the winner today.

Service / Staff★★★★
Overall Value for Money★★★★
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