My Undiscovered Scotland: Oban

A few years ago after doing my trip to Glencoe, I heard people talk about Oban and how lovely it is.

As I said in the Glencoe post I was at that point a nervous driver, so I thought let’s get the train or bus. Due to life getting in the way, I never got around to visiting.

Recently in 2021, I took a wee drive with friends to Oban, as now I love driving and want to see more of my beautiful country.

The drive to Oban from Glasgow is basically the same as going to Glencoe, driving past Lomond Shores and up and then you reach the popular stop the Green Welly Stop.

I would recommend you stop here, as it’s a good halfway point to get some drinks, food or even a bathroom break.

From here there is a fork in the road, the right side takes to you Glencoe and the left Oban. The drive Oban is very nice and again very easy.

After a short drive, you arrive in Oban and see the amazing front.

We took a nice walkabout Oban and enjoyed it very much.

Check out my Vlog on Oban for what to see and Visit

Also while you are here take a visit to McCaig’s Tower, also known as McCaig’s Folly. I drove here as it could be a bit of a walk, but it’s worth it to see the view….check out the vlog below.

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  1. Wow what a beautiful place to explore and photograph. I lived in Edinburgh for three years but somehow never managed to visit Oban 🤗 can’t wait to go back one day to see more of Scotland ☺️

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