My Undiscovered Scotland : Glencoe

I remember the first time I saw Glencoe and it blew me away!

It was a few years ago, at that point I didn’t drive and I booked a tour with Discover Scotland Tours to see some sights. It was an early start but 100% worth it, as I got to see many places I never thought I would visit and the guys were great at telling us some of the history.

Check them out as they do a lot of fantastic tours!

Lets get back to Glencoe….so on route my eyes were darting about every where as all the sights of Scotland were now arround me.

The views on the drive there were stunning and then it slowly appeared in the distance and kept getting bigger and bigger as we got closer….we had arrived in Glencoe and my mouth just dropped….absolutely stunning!

This was when I caught the bug to see more of Scotland and it all started with Glencoe!

One you get past a stop called the Green Welly, there are plenty of areas to stop and check out the sights…but make sure you let whoever is behind you know in plenty of time as they sometimes drive fast on this route.

If you are with the tour they will stop at safe places, and you an check out the views.

Last year I took some friends a drive to see some sights and Glencoe was one of them, they all loved the views and said they would love to return to take the sights in again as it’s so beautiful.

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