Six Nations, Six Drinks For You To Sample

This time of year sees the welcome return of the Six Nations. For those that don’t know, the Six Nations is a rugby tournament that sees the national teams of Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy compete for the championship trophy. It’s a great chance to experience international rugby on home soil, and even find a little excuse to travel as well.

While the rugby is cause for celebration, it’s also the perfect excuse to celebrate the individual nations that take part and what makes them special. So why not explore some of their most famous drinks and raise your glass to the most exciting rugby tournament of the year?

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Scotland: Whisky

If there’s one thing that Scotland is well-known for all over the world, it’s Scottish Whisky. Its special distilling process means that Scottish Whisky has a protected Geographical Indicator (GI) status, and must be made in a certain way to achieve this. If you ever find yourself in Scotland, a whisky distillery tour has to be on the cards.

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England: Beer

England is known for many types of alcoholic drinks, but a beer is definitely the drink of choice on a Six Nations match day. Craft beer has grown in popularity in recent years, meaning there are endless types of beer to enjoy all over the country. Throw in the great atmosphere of a full English pub and you’ll have a great day out.

Ireland: Guinness 

Guinness is without a doubt Ireland’s most famous drink. While Guinness may be brewed all around the world, it isn’t a Guinness unless it contains the Guinness Extract – a secret ingredient that makes the drink what it is. If you’re ever in Dublin, be sure to check out the Guinness Storehouse and take a fascinating tour to see how it’s made. 

Wales: Welsh spirits

While beer is a popular choice in Wales, Welsh spirits are also growing in popularity. From its own famous Penderyn Whisky to a growing selection of gins and vodkas distilled from Welsh water, you can find plenty to sample in Wales. You can choose from a range of Welsh spirits at The Bottle Club to help you find your favourite. If spirits aren’t your thing, be sure to try a pint of Brains instead!

France: Champagne

Things are a little more sophisticated in France, home to champagne. If you’re celebrating a win or just feel like celebrating, it doesn’t get better than a bottle of France’s finest. A trip to the Champagne region is worth it to experience the tours on offer, and isn’t located too far from Paris. France is also known for its quality red wine, which is also worth sampling to experience the true taste of France.

Italy: Campari

And finally, we arrive in Italy. Italy is also famous for its wines, beer (Peroni, anyone?) and prosecco, but it shines through its liqueur. An aperitivo is a drink that is served before dinner, helping to prepare the stomach for the meal ahead. One of the most popular liqueurs served is Campari, a dark red liqueur with a herby, fruity taste that is refreshing when mixed with soda. During ‘aperitivo’ most bars and restaurants will also serve small plates and nibbles – ideal for some pre-dinner snacking.

And there you have it, six nations, six drinks. Which will be your favourite to enjoy during this year’s tournament?  

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