How To Treasure Your Travels

Travelling is one of life’s privileges. Being able to see the world, experience new cultures, new food and ways of life provide you with memories to be kept and treasured. Furthermore, you will have stories to share and photos to display to remind you of your time exploring the world, chances are your travels are not something you will want to forget in a hurry. So, here is a list of simple and easy ways you can treasure your travels for years to come.

Create a blog/vlog

One of the best ways to document your journey is to create a travel blog or vlog of your adventures. Blogs can be set up easily and at no cost. You can share your itinerary, places of interest, travel highs and lows and upload photos for those back home to read and revel in. You can also re-visit your blog posts in years to come to remind yourself of all of your adventures. It is a great low-cost and authentic way to keep everyone appraised of your adventures and serve as a keepsake. You never know, it could even turn out to be lucrative. 

If typing isn’t really your thing or you don’t have the facilities on your travels to share lengthy blog posts then how about a travel vlog? You can visually showcase all your travel tales for the world to see just by using your smartphone. 

Purchase memorabilia 

You may fall in love with a certain place and want a souvenir to remind you of that special place. Perhaps you have been mesmerised by the rugged Irish coastline? Then how about some Celtic Jewelry to wear daily and keep you close to that special place? Or perhaps you had a special moment on the beach in Koh Samui to be remembered, then how about local artists drawing or photos of that special place to hang on your walls for years to come?

Start an Instagram page

If you don’t have one already then get an Instagram page set up. If you don’t want to share your photos with everyone you can set your page to private. Instagram is the photo album of the twenty-first century. You can take and upload your travel snaps as often as you want. They will be kept safe on your Instagram page and you can look back over them as much as you want. What is more, others may be keen to see your travel shots and may start following your adventures as you go. Don’t forget to add a caption under your photo to remind yourself of that special place or moment in time.

Send postcards

If modern technology isn’t your thing then keep it old school and send postcards from each destination you visit. It is a simple and easy way to journal your travels. Share a story or keepsake on the back of each postcard and choose one with a picture that you will always associate with that place. All you need is a pen and a stamp. When you get home you can collate all of your postcards in a travel scrapbook as a travel memento.

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