3 Things That Have Been Proven To Relax Us


We would all like to have a magic wand to wave and make ourselves, calm in moments of stress and anguish. Yet, the only thing that comes close to this is the power meditating monks might possess. Not everyone can attain their level of zen, but we can achieve something that’s quite close. There are some ways we can slow our mind down and speed up our healing process to soothe our nerves and relax. We have explored 3 different ways you can elevate your mind and decrease your stress. All of these strategies have been proven to work!

Ambient music

You may have noticed that ambient music has made a comeback on video-sharing websites such as YouTube. Something about a single tone, held for a long time, quietly relaxes the mind. It’s because our mind tries to find the pitch and tone of this note, and also, because we expect a note to follow this note. It’s all because we have become accustomed to modern, fast-paced music. Our mind puts the handbrake on, searching for ‘what happens next’. It’s also due to minimal melodies which are simple to follow, easy to predict and they are also neutral in their emotive response. We don’t feel a sense of heightened dread or angst, nor elation and pleasantness.

A pop-culture method

Perhaps an old but gold method is more effective for you. There are some classic ‘herbal’ ways like these that you could explore. The green stuff is known to make us feel a lot more relaxed as it seeps into our muscles and releases a chemical that slows down our motor-neuron activity. It’s quite common for our muscles to actually be supplied with more blood as the tension that would otherwise restrict red blood cells to enter into our system is no longer prohibiting this. It’s also going to slow down the injury process. So if you have had a long day in which you have suffered a force impact, such as the type in football, then bruising will slow down and healing will begin sooner.

ASMR revolution 

You may have noticed there are thousands of ASMR videos online. But why? What is ASMR? It’s an acronym for Autonomous sensory meridian response. Tingling, scratching, patting, or massaging sounds are soothing and relaxing for a number of reasons. They are non-threatening sounds, which are also enjoyable because of how subtle and simple they are. This causes our brain to release endorphins which obviously, makes us feel splendid!

Many people choose to listen and watch ASMR videos to help them sleep. This is a double-edged sword as if the action in the video is complex it will draw your attention. But if the sound is consistent and clear, you will be put to sleep in no time. Use with caution but it has been proven to relax.

Everyone needs a way to just relax at the end of the day. Instead of experimenting, you can rely on these 3 methods to help you nod off to sleep or slow your mind down.

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