5 Tips to Cook the Perfect Curry

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Who doesn’t love the taste of a delicious curry? There is nothing quite like tucking into a dish of delicious spice, warming, tasty, and well, just something that you want to devour. Of course, it is great to buy one from a takeaway (mainly because you don’t have to cook it), but sometimes it is much more satisfying cooking it for yourself. 

The trouble with curry is that it can be hard to get right. However, it is not impossible. Sometimes you just need a bit of insider info on what you need to do.  

To help you make sure that you always get a tasty treat, we have put together our guide on cooking the perfect curry each and every time.  

1. Freshen up your spices 

We all have had to dig to the back of the cupboard to find the right spice for a recipe. Whilst it doesn’t hurt you in the sense that it could be dangerous to eat, the truth is, the older the spice, then the less flavour it adds. If you opened it more than a few months ago, then it is probably past its best, and you should replace it with something much fresher.  

2. Know your heat 

It can be tough to get your curry warm enough to notice the heat, but not so that it completely overpowers the entire dish. The balance is something that you will need to work at, and you will need to sample a few curries before you really get there. One top tip to keep in mind is when you add the heat to your dish, which will impact how it ends up. Add the chill early, and it will give it a milder spice; later on, you will get the complete hit!  

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3. Fry them right 

It is essential to cook your ingredients right when you cook a curry if you want it to taste like it does when you order food online. To this end, one of the most important things you need to do is make sure that you use enough oil when frying up your spices, and for a truly authentic taste, you should invest in some ghee. Spices don’t take long to cook, and you want to make sure that they never burn, as this will ruin your entire dish’s flavour.  

4. Don’t rush it 

A good curry takes time to cook, so you should never rush things. When you approach it in a slow and considered way, you are giving the entire curry a chance to develop in flavour and create an authentic and rich flavour you will love.  

5. Know your sauce 

The sauce is one of your curry’s key parts, and it is something that you need to get right. It can take quite a lot of practice to master the sauce, particularly its thickness. However, one trick to learn is that if you are worried that it will be too thin, then some coconut milk or yoghurt added to it can make all the difference. 

It might take a few attempts to get right, but these top tips will hopefully help you make the perfect curry.  

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