Burger & Bun (Glasgow, Milngavie) : Review

149 Milngavie Road
Glasgow G61 3DY

V: 16th April 2018      T:  0141 942 9777  W: burgerandbun.co.uk

Child Friendly: Yes (well behaved kids)      Accepts: Cash & Card

I was at work when I got a ding in my email, and took a look and it was an invite to come along to Burger & Bun to see the place and try the food. I kindly accepted and then worked out how I would be getting there.

Normally as you know I frequent in Glasgow centre or the West End, but Milngavie (Bearsden)? this is a place I have never been to unless passing through.

Burger & Bun is basically opposite the Hillfoot train station, so this was very easy to get to from Glasgow Central Station.

On the outside to the side of the restaurant, there is a nice little seating area for when its sunny.

On entering we were seated next to the window, which was nice as I could look out at the nice evening.

The Food…

I could see a few burgers I wanted to try, but I asked for a recommendation so thats what I went with.

Pulled Pork Burger £8.50 (Tonight £N/A)
Slow roast pork, BBQ Sauce, Appleslaw, Crispy Onions


When this arrived it looked as good as it smelt, and I couldn’t wait to take a BIG bite.

This was a very good burger!!!! the flavours were perfect and very nice. The burger was perfectly cooked and had really nice flavour, and very tender.

Ive had a few burgers recently some bad and some good, this falls in the very good category!

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5

Cheesy Fries £4.00 (Tonight £N/A)
Cheddar Sauce, Carmelised Onions, BBQ Sauce


When this arrived my first thought was OH MY GOD!!! why? because it was a massive portion!!

Recently I had cheesy fries from another burger restaurant and NOT GOOD!! so I thought lets try the ones here.

Apart from being a massive portion……these were REALLY good!!! skinny fries, nice cheese and onions….perfect!!

Unfortunately I only ate half, as I was leaving room for the milkshake which originally I thought was a normal one but you will see when you continue to read.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5

Crazy Shake : Creme Egg £6.00 (Tonight £N/A)


Another OMG moment tonight! When placing the order I was told it was more like a desert, but I thought maybe a thick heavy shake but I ordered it anyway.

Once it was on the table, I could see what was meant by the desert comment.

At this point I was feeling very full, but hey there is always room for chocolate 🙂

This was as good as it looks!!! next time I will order a normal milkshake but I am glad I got to try this!!

Also for £6 amazing value!!!

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5


Firstly a big thanks to Burgers and Bun for tonights invite, and for the food and amazing service.

I am very glad that I got an invite to here tonight, as this is somewhere I wouldn’t have gone to visit. Now I have been I will aim to head back, as I would like to try more of the burgers and maybe another BIG shake or normal one.

Please do take a visit here, you won’t be disappointed.

I will be back soon Burgers and Buns 🙂

Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 5
  • Value for Money: 5
  • Overall : 5


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