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360 Byres Road
G12 8AY


0141 334 3333


Visit Date : Thursday 30th March 2017

I have been visiting the West End of Glasgow a lot more recently, as I have been spending time there with my now ex-girlfriend.

I had seen this restaurant a few times, and thought I should visit it sometime. When i got an email through from Itison for 2 mains for £10 for Sorrento I couldn’t not get it.

First Impressions :

On entering you go a staircase that is nicely decorated, and gives you that Italian feel.

On entering the restaurant you can see how nice it is in here, its got a very Italian / Mediterranean look and feel I was very impressed and instantly felt relaxed.

I love Italian food so I was looking forward to my meal tonight.

Main :


Risotto Pescatora

I won’t mention the cost as I was using a voucher.

I love Risotto so I am very fussy when I order it from any restaurant.

I opted for the fish risotto, to see how here does it and also how they work with flavours.

The Risotto was nice, it was cooked perfectly and the taste was very nice. The flavour of the fish wasn’t fully there, as the sauce took over more but it was a very nice dish.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 4

Side Note : my girlfriend ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara and I tried some, this was again just OK but seemed to be drowning in peppercorns which killed the taste for me and her and also mad her cough a lot. This should not be this way, the pepper should be added once it arrives at the table to the amount the customer wants not added when making the dish.

Dessert :

Have to have dessert when you go out, as everyone including me can always find room for something sweet.


Tiramisu £?

The Tiramisu arrived and I liked the presentation, so I was hoping it tasted as good as it looked. I can’t remember what the cost of this was, but it was around the £5.00 area

It was just OK, for me it didn’t have enough coffee flavour as it should have had. It was very creamy, and also had a lot of sugar on the top of the dessert.

Portion Size : 4
Flavour : 3.5
Presentation : 4


Overall :

Overall my visit was a nice visit, it did have its ups and downs mostly due to the flavour of my dishes tonight.

For me I don’t know if I will return, I normally give a place 2 visits then decided so maybe I would try a pizza when and if I return.

I am glad I tried here with a voucher, as I feel tonight it helped with the bill and it was value for money with the voucher.

  • Child Friendly : Yes
  • Wheelchair Access : No
  • Cash/Credit Card : Both
  • Service : 3.5
  • Portion Sizes : 4.5
  • Taste : 3.5
  • Atmosphere : 4.5
  • Value for money : 5 (As had voucher)
  • Overall : 3
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