Mozza (West End, Glasgow) : Review

I have been to Mozza before, I was actually at their opening for the branch in the city centre and it was a great night.

Their pizza’s were really good, and I have been back a few times since it opened.

They recently opened this new branch in the West End of Glasgow, on Byres road and they invited me to come and try some pizza to take home and enjoy.

The Pizza’s

I ordered number 10 and 11 (without walnuts)

10. tomato sauce, mozzarella, goats cheese, spinach, caramelised onion, sun blushed tomatoes, extra virgin oil

Firstly how good do they look, instantly mega mouth-watering!!

The base was nice and thin, the crush was nice and fluffy and the whole flavour was really good.

I would easily have this one again, and I am giving it a solid 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

11. mozzarella, gorgonzola, parma ham with fig, pear and white balsamic jam, rocket, crushed walnuts, extra virgin oil

This one sounded interesting so I thought lets order it, though I did ask for no walnuts as I am allergic to them.

The flavours that hit you as soon as you take a bite was just WOW, you could taste everything and it all worked perfectly together.

I loved the pear and white balsamic jam, this really lifted the flavours to the next level.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall :

Firstly a big thank you to Mozza for making my Sunday night better with some Pizza.

I have always really enjoyed Mozza’s pizza’s and I have always put Mozza in my top 3 pizza places in Glasgow, and tonight’s pizza didn’t disappoint and were very very nice.

If you have never tried Mozza please do check them out, as I said they are in my top 3 pizza places in Glasgow when anyone asks me and every time I have visited its always been a great meal or great pizza.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Promo : Gifted

The review posted was not influenced in any way just because it was gifted, all comments and thoughts in this post are my 100% honest opinion.

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Oro Italian Restaurant (South Side, Glasgow): Review

V: 20th December 2020

I have wanted to visit Oro for a while now, but I have never really been in the area.

Today I was meeting friends for lunch, so I was looking forward to seeing Oro, the friends and trying the food.


On entering the restaurant is split into two areas the main area when you walk in, and the back area down the stairs….this is where I was seated today.

First impressions really nice visually, and had a nice relaxing and cosy feel.

Where I was seated unfortunately wasn’t too bright, so my photos don’t do the food justice.

The Food

I had no idea what to order, so I just opted for the first thing that caught my attention as everything sounded really nice.

Next time I will try a pizza.


Crab Cakes £7.95

On arrival this looked really nice, and I liked the presentation….now time to taste.

Wow I was very impressed! the flavour was really good and I liked the mixture of the sauces with it.

The red sauce you can see was a sweet chilli so it added a nice subtle kick but didn’t over power the rest of the flavours.

  • Presentation : 5
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 4
  • Overall : 4.5

Main Course :

Chicken Risotto £13.95

WOW this was a big portion! and look at how it was presented….for me this is a first to see risotto presented like this.

This smelled nice, and my mouth started to water so time to dig in.

mmmm this was a good risotto, the flavour, and perfectly cooked. My only issue was I wish I didnt have a starter, as I was full 2/3 of the way through so I had to take the rest home with me.

If you visit and love risotto I recommend you try this.

  • Presentation : 5
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Visit Overall :

I am very impressed with Oro, the restaurant is very nice inside I loved its style and design.

The staff and service was very good and the food was very very nice.

I am going to add Oro to my top spots list.

Review Scores –

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 5
  • Value for Money: 4

Overall Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Cosmo (Silverburn, Glasgow): Review

Ground Floor
Silverburn Shopping Centre
Barrhead Road
G53 6AG

V: 9th July 2019. T: 0141 880 6880. W:

The guys over at Cosmo sent me an invite to come and have a meal at their Silverburn Restaurant, and I accepted and set a date.

To be honest I have never heard of a restaurant called Cosmo at Silverburn, so I had to do some research.

If you know Silverburn, Cosmo is situated at the Cinema end but just outside…this explains why I have never seen it, as normally the cinema is as far as I usually go.

Looking Around

On entering Cosmo is very very nice inside, it has a very modern, clean and nice design/look to it so I was very impressed as most buffets I have been to are just so so in style.

I took a walk around all the areas to start with, and could see they catered for many tastes and styles and the food smells were really good.

The Food…

I had to let my stomach and eyes do the talking tonight, and I had to try a lot of food so I was lucky I was very hungry.


So I selected different items so I could see how most of the starters tasted, yup there was lots more to try but I didn’t want to fill myself up and not be able to eat my main and sweets.

Firstly yup as you can see my presentation sucks, but hey its a buffet and its my plate so I didn’t mind…

I tried everything on this plate and can honestly say, it was very good, everything well cooked and full of flavour.

Presentation : n/a
Portion Size : n/a
Flavour : 5
Value for Money : n/a

Main Course

So now it was on to the mains…

I tried different rices, curries and even sweet n sour chicken.

Just like my starters this was really nice and very well cooked, if I was being very fussy the Sweet n Sour Chicken which is a big fav had a slight vinegar hint to it which it really shouldn’t….so I wouldn’t have this again due to that but apart from that everything else was really good.

Presentation : n/a
Portion Size : n/a
Flavour : 4
Value for Money : n/a


I was getting very full at this point, but there is always space for some sweets…

There was many to choose from so I opted for the above, and mmmm I loved every mouth-full.

The one part I didn’t try was the chocolate fountain, but I will try that on my next visit.


Firstly a big thanks to the guys at Cosmo, for tonights invite and the meal. Secondly as always my review above is 100% my own thoughts, and has not be influenced just because I was invited.

Tonight I learned of a very nice buffet, that if I hadn’t had the invite I would never have known was there.

For me from start to end I enjoyed all the food, and found it very fresh and full of flavour which is hard to find at most buffets as they tend to loose the flavour by sitting out for ages.

Value for money I cant comment on that as tonight was free for me, but quality of food was very good and I will go back when I feel like a buffet when I visit Silverburn.

Review Scores –

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 5
  • Value for Money: N/A
  • Overall : 4

Additional Details

  • Child Friendly : Yes
  • Payment : Cash & Card
  • Disabled Toilets : Yes
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