Saucy Cow Sauces 2023: Review


Our sauces are born and bred in the UK! Our saucylicious creations are whipped up right here on British soil, giving you a taste that’s moo-velous.

The guys at Saucy Cow sent me a wee ping on my Instagram asking if I would like to try some of their sauces.

They asked me to check what ones they do and choose, but I said to them to just surprise me as I like surprises.

The Sauces

Looking at the bottles I honestly had no idea where to start, all I knew was I wanted to make sure whatever I made it didn’t take away the sauce flavour but added to the dish.

That way I could taste the sauce, taste what it’s like, and how it works with the dish.

Lime & Coconut Jerk
Add a zesty kick to your meals with our Lime Jerk Sauce! This captivating sauce is infused with the refreshing tang of lime and the bold flavours of jerk seasoning. It’s like a Caribbean vacation for your taste buds, with every bite transporting you to sandy beaches and tropical vibes. Imagine marinating succulent chicken in this flavourful sauce or drizzling it over grilled seafood for a taste sensation that will have you saying “cowabunga!” The tangy lime and aromatic spices create a harmonious dance of flavours that will leave you mooing with delight. Get ready for a lime-infused jerk experience that will zest up your dishes like never before! 

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying the Lime Coconut Jerk Sauce by Saucy Cow, and I must say, it was an exciting flavour journey!

When the folks at Saucy Cow sent me a mix of their sauces, I decided to start with this one and keep it simple. I opted for a basic chicken burger with cheese, so I could savor the sauce’s true essence.

On my first bite, I experienced a gentle kick of spice, followed by a burst of refreshing lime flavour that soon revealed the subtle jerk notes.

The combination of the Lime Coconut Jerk Sauce with the chicken burger and cheese was surprisingly delightful, offering a harmonious balance of tang and savoury goodness.

As someone who isn’t particularly fond of intense spiciness, I found this sauce to be quite manageable, around a 2 out of 10 on my personal spice scale. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a bit of heat without overwhelming their taste buds.

The Lime Coconut Jerk Sauce’s overall flavour profile was a winner, and I’m eager to explore more culinary possibilities with it. I’m already looking forward to trying it with different dishes, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for other Saucy Cow sauce reviews!

If you’re a fan of unique and balanced flavours, give this Lime Coconut Jerk Sauce a try—it might just become your new favourite condiment!


Value for Money★★★★★

BBQ Sauce
Unleash the smoky goodness with our Smokin’ BBQ Sauce! Crafted with care and a touch of cow magic, this sauce delivers a perfect balance of sweetness and tang. Slather it on ribs, brush it on chicken, or use it as a dipping sauce. The rich and bold flavours will have you coming back for more. Get ready for a finger-licking experience that will make your taste buds go wild. It’s BBQ bliss, the cow way!

Recently, during a visit to Overton Farm, I stumbled upon a gem that transformed a simple meal into an unforgettable culinary delight. Armed with two succulent beef burgers and a bottle of Saucy Cow BBQ Sauce, I embarked on a taste test that left me thoroughly impressed.

I decided to keep the burger preparation minimalistic. The intention was to let the Saucy Cow BBQ Sauce take center stage and showcase its true potential.

Upon the first bite, I was treated to an explosion of flavors. The Saucy Cow BBQ Sauce displayed a perfect balance of sweetness and smokiness. The sauce’s viscosity was ideal, coating the burger and cheese in a luscious embrace without overwhelming its natural taste.

The true test of any sauce lies in its ability to enhance a basic dish. In this case, Saucy Cow BBQ Sauce exceeded expectations. Its complexity transformed the humble burger into a gourmet experience, demonstrating its versatility as a condiment. This made me think that the sauce’s the potential to shine even bigger on a fully loaded burger, so I will try a fully loaded burger soon.

If you’re a barbecue enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates quality condiments, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Saucy Cow BBQ Sauce a try.


Value for Money★★★★★

Green Peppercorn Mustard
Indulge in the bold and sophisticated flavours of our Green Peppercorn Mustard! This condiment is a harmonious blend of zesty mustard and aromatic green peppercorns, creating a taste sensation that’s both tangy and pleasantly spicy. With every dollop, you’ll experience the tantalizing crunch of whole peppercorns that release bursts of flavour on your palate. Our Green Peppercorn Mustard is the perfect companion for charcuterie boards, gourmet sandwiches, or to elevate your favourite roast meats. Its distinctive taste adds a touch of elegance and depth to any dish, making it a must-have for culinary enthusiasts. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and embark on a flavour journey that will leave you saying, “Moo-velous!” 

Finally, I got around to trying the third sauce from Saucy Cow – the Green Peppercorn Mustard. I must admit, I hesitated a bit because I’m not exactly a mustard enthusiast. However, the folks at Saucy Cow assured me that this sauce could complement a variety of dishes. So, I decided to break the mold and experiment with something unconventional. Hot dogs it was!

For this taste test, I aimed for simplicity, wanting to gauge both the flavor and its ability to elevate a basic dish. I gathered your typical hot dog buns and the hot dogs, poured on the Green Peppercorn Mustard, and took a big bite.

To my surprise, it was delicious! Mustard usually strikes me as overpoweringly strong or leaves an unpleasant aftertaste, but this one was different. It had a light, enjoyable flavor profile without any lingering bitterness.

I couldn’t help but think about what else this Green Peppercorn Mustard could be paired with. It’s safe to say; I’ll be experimenting with it on some more unconventional dishes next time, so keep an eye on my Instagram for those culinary adventures.

Overall, while I still believe that Saucy Cow’s barbecue sauce reigns supreme in my personal taste book, the Green Peppercorn Mustard has carved out its own niche. If you’re a mustard lover, this sauce might just be your champion. Give it a try, explore its versatility, and let me know your thoughts.



Final Thoughts…

Overall it was great to try some new sauces and a massive thanks to the Saucy Cow for sending these great treats.

I will keep using them on whatever I make at home, and please do check them out as I can’t fault them in any way.

I will be adding these to my top products page, as I really enjoyed them all especially the BBQ one.

It’s important to note that all the views and opinions expressed in my blog posts and vlogs are entirely personal, have not been influenced in any way and reflect my individual perspective. I value authenticity and honesty above all, and my content is a genuine reflection of my thoughts and experiences.
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