Ideas For a Staff Party Your Colleagues Will Actually Enjoy

December is a busy month: everyone is in a constant state of stress trying to sort presents for Christmas or generally feeling overwhelmed by the fast-paced holiday season. 

The last thing anyone wants is added stress from the workplace, and most employers opt to organise a staff get-together to boost morale and give people a break. 

Sometimes work outings can add to the pressure of the season, after all, not everybody gets along with their colleagues or wants to spend more time with them. However, it can be a great way to get to know the people you work with, and furthermore, take the time to relax with people who understand the stress your job entails.

The hardest part of acing a staff party is finding ideas that suit everybody, and chances are, you won’t be able to satisfy everyone’s idea of the perfect celebration. Despite that, there are some ideas that generally fare better amongst colleagues that will definitely persuade them to attend. 

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A Boozy Brunch

The boozy brunch has become wildly popular and most hotels have affordable options for it. If you’re working in a small team, this could be the perfect option for you all to eat some good food and enjoy the mix of a fancier Hotel Brunch with the relaxed consumption of alcohol. This is a great intimate option that works better for small teams with under 10 people, and whilst arguably on the pricier side, a solution you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who objects. Try finding hotels near the office that offer a boozy/bottomless brunch for a hint of sophistication, but if that fails, plenty of bars and restaurants have gotten in on the trend and offer the same idea but in a more relaxed setting.

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A Relaxed Dinner

Generally, workers don’t want the stress that comes with a fancy black-tie dinner. Of course, there’ll always be exceptions, but generally, people want a relaxed atmosphere where they can let their guard down and not have to worry too much about the etiquette that is expected with fancy establishments. If you’d like to do a dinner, maybe opt for a restaurant that specialises in high-quality pub food, a perfect in-between. Don’t be fooled, pub food may not sound overly sophisticated but it can be absolutely delicious, and the atmosphere will undoubtedly be more relaxed and thus accessible for more of your colleagues than a super upscale restaurant. Good pub food and a few pints, nobody can say no to that!

A Culinary Workshop

You might be thinking, “a workshop? Where I have to cook? Isn’t that the opposite of relaxing?” However, you should look at all of the pros involved in this option. Many restaurants offer Corporate Culinary Workshops that can be tailored to your group’s needs and preferences (check out Planning The Perfect Menu For Your Next Dinner Party for some tips), and furthermore, it’s a great way to get the team working together. Not to mention, you’ll have a laugh whilst doing it! After you’ve cooked some great food (and feel a sense of culinary pride and accomplishment), it’s time to take to the closest bar and close the night off with some good drinks and company.

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