The Best Gifts To Give Someone No Matter What The Occasion Is

When those special moments roll around, you want to gift someone something that they will treasure for years to come. Here are some of the best ideas to give someone for those big moments in their life.

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Moving house

Moving house, especially into a house that someone has just bought, is a big deal. It is one of those markers of being an adult. So, you need to get them a grownup gift to go with it. A handmade liqueur gift with a card is always a great idea because they have the card to cherish and the drink to use for future entertaining.

Baby shower

Being part of a baby shower is always good fun, but what do you buy mummy to be? You might want to ditch the booze and think about pampering. They are about to give birth, they need all the TLC that they can get. Although, gift cards for massages are not a good idea. Why? Because new parents are so busy there is a good chance it will be forgotten about.

New job

Getting a new job might not seem like a big deal but getting the job that they have dreamt of their entire life is. This is something to be celebrated, especially if they have studied for years to get there. When it comes to job gifts, you might want to get something that would work well with their job. The other alternative is a proper pen, the type that comes in a gift box.


When two people get married, they will be caught up with a whirlwind of planning a wedding. Trust us, there is a lot more that goes into a wedding than you realise. There is also a good chance that they have a wedding list. This is great as it takes the pressure off choosing the gift. The other issue is that they might have expensive taste and have picked the most expensive things they can find. If in doubt, get them a nice bottle of bubbly and a card with cash.

Passing their driving test

People are doing their driving tests later and some people are doing multiple tests. It doesn’t matter if they have a car licence or have just learnt to fly a plane, this should be celebrated. Depending on the vehicle that they have learnt to drive, you could get them a gift to go with it. They may end up with a collection of keyrings so maybe a hat or a model would be a better idea.

Paying off their debts

If you are an adult, there is a chance that you have a certain amount of debt. It might be student loans, it could be a mortgage. It doesn’t matter. Debt can hang around and keep you awake at night. If you have someone who is lucky enough to clear their finances of debt, no matter how big or small, this should be celebrated. The best way is not with a gift, but with a night out celebrating.

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