Wudon (West End, Glasgow) : Review

V: 14th November 2020

I have passed here many times on my walks in the West End, and always wanted to take a visit.

Today I did that, and here is what I thought.


Inside has a very nice modern and very relaxing design and atmosphere, today I was seated at the window so I could enjoy my meal while people watching.

The Food

I didn’t really know what to order as it all sounded very good, so it was a random selection and it was a good one.

katsu ga lay fan

Chicken Katsu £9.50

Mild Japanese curry sauce, steamed sticky white rice

I have had Katsu Chicken Curry before, but it was ages ago and I cant remember from what restaurant.

I thought lets try it here and see how it is.

The chicken was very tender, super tasty and the sauce and the sticky rice all were a perfect combination.

This was a big portion, and you get a load of rice with this…..I really enjoyed this 🙂

  • Presentation : 4
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kamo maki *new*


This one sounded interesting.

WOW WOW WOW is all I can say, the flavour of this was just amazing! I could have easily had another 3 portions of this.

This is new on their menu at the time I am typing this, so please take a visit and try this!

  • Presentation : 5
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ap Soong


I was told to try this today, as its very nice…it sounded very strange but interesting at the same time.

So you get a lettuce leaf, pout the contents inside and use that as your bun? not sure if thats the right word but thats it.

This was actually really good, and a cool way to eat. The flavours all worked together and the lettuce added a nice little crunch giving you a nice texture.

  • Presentation : 5
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Visit Overall :

I am so glad I finally visited Wudon, I had a great visit and had really good food.

The stand out part of the meal was the Kamo Maki, I LOVED the flavours of this so much.

I am adding here to my top places to visit, and I will visit again.

Review Scores –

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 5
  • Value for Money: 5

Overall Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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