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Hulu recently gifted me some lovely items 1x Bath Salts, 1x Soya Candle and 1x Wax melts

Let’s be honest everyone loves a good scented candle, both guys and girls we love them even if some of us don’t want to admit it. Me? I love a good scented candle, I have purchased many from big brands to smaller brands.

There are two types of candles ones that use paraffin and natural ones.

Paraffin comes from petroleum, these types of candles burn faster and normally cheaper. Its been claimed that these give off toxic fumes, I cant confirm this as I haven’t done the research but this is what I have heard people say about them and am sure you can do a quick google.

Now natural ones (beeswax, soy, palm) like this this one which is soy, it also burns slow with no smoke and no toxic fumes.

I was very excited to smell them and try them!

Hulu Soy Wax Candle

When this arrived the first thing I did was unscrew the lid and have a good smell, to see what it was like and how close to the description it was.

This was very fresh, and had a lovely scent to it.

I light it one night while watching a movie, and I really loved how the scent filled the room. It helped create a nice relaxing atmospheric aroma, and I am now looking forward to the next time its lit.

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Hulu Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

Just like the candle as soon as this arrived I had to open it to smell what it was like.

OHHHHHH WOW this smelled like heaven!!!! I could have easily just had this under my nose all day!!!

Next was to treat myself to a little bath, and test these out.

I started to run my bath, and put these in and BANG!!! mmmm the smell in the bathroom was amazing! I got in and felt instant relaxation with the warm of the bath and the smell hugging me.

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Hulu Wax Melts

Just like the other two products these had a really nice smell to them.

There are a few reasons why wax melts are cheaper than candles: more burn time, less waste, more fragrance oil and for these it was a peach fragrance.

I put these (not all) in my wax melt burner and left it to do its thing, and the room smelled so nice and peachy.

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Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the products.

My flat has been smelling nice and fresh, my baths have been smelling nice its been a very nice and relaxing time for me.

These products are very good, firstly really healthy due to being soy based and secondly they all have a really good fragrance.

I have no hesitations when I recommend these products, and the company Hulu.

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Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have tried these products in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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