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About Them

Master Cafe UK is a delicious new iced coffee drink for adults. Low calorie, low sugar, low milk & high caffeine, for an intense hit to your taste buds!

These Iced coffee have less Calories (81), less sugars (6.9g)m less fats (1.0g) and higher caffeine (57mg) than other similar brands plus a bolder coffee flavour.

Master Cafe : Classico

If your going to start reviewing you start with the original the Classic one, which was this Classico drink.

I loved the style of the cans, this is what first hit me. They reminded me of small barrels, but instead of rum they are little barrels of coffee.

I popped the can open and was hit was a great coffee smell, and it smelled really good but how did it taste?

WOW the first thing that hit me was how smooth it was and how strong a coffee flavour it had, most other coffee drinks I have tried had a coffee flavour but it was just there and no more but this was way up front and really nice.

Flavour wise everything was perfect and I really enjoyed drinking it.

Master Cafe : Mocha

Again just like the Classico I loved the can design, super funky and a perfect fit for my hand.

I popped this one open and the Mocha smell was a nice chocolate coffee smell, for me this was the main one I was looking forward to as I love anything chocolatey.

Just like the Classico the flavour was amazing!! this was the best Mocha I have had and its all down to the amazing flavour.

Master Cafe : Latte

For me this has a nice smooth smell to it, if you get me?

Could I really be saying this……this was exactly the same as the others amazing flavour and a great coffee taste! I really LOVED how good the coffee taste was, as I actually felt like I was drinking a good quality coffee rather than just an ok one.

Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the product.

Guys! if you like coffee, and iced coffee drinks you HAVE!!!! to check these out! I have never had such an amazing iced coffee, even my fiancee said the same. We both said the flavours and taste for all 3 were a solid 10/10

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