La Lanterna (Glasgow, West End) : Review

447 Great Western Road
Glasgow G12 8HH

V: 31st March 2018      T:  0141 334 0686  W:

Child-Friendly: Yes (well-behaved kids)      Accepts: Cash & Card

I have had La Lanterna on my list for a while now, as I wanted to try it when it opened but always never managed to get around to visiting….till now.

On entering we were shown to a table and made to feel very welcome!

The restaurant has a very modern Italian feel, and all the staff were very pleasant and helpful and welcoming.

Inside is not the biggest of restaurants, so if you want to visit maybe advanced booking is best so your not disappointed.

The Food…


Pate £6.95
Homemade smooth chicken liver pate served with sweet red onions & artisan bread


On arrival, I instantly thought this is a good portion size, and couldn’t wait to start.

This was so good!!! very smooth and mega tasty!!! I loved that this also came with crackers as normally when it comes to Pate, you always have more pate than you do to spread it on.

So having both meant that there was no pate left! which is a BIG pet hate of mine more so when its really nice Pate.

Very impressed!!

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5

Main Course

Spagetti Carbonara £11.95
Pancetta, garlic, egg, cream, parmesan


My favourite Italian dish and I had this recently at another Italian restaurant, so I used that as a comparison.

This was a very good and large portion, so much so I left some.

This was a very nice Carbonara, perfectly cooked and had a lot of flavours.

For me this is probably the second best Carbonara for me, the other Italian I don’t know why but it just had the edge over it but it is still a VERY good carbonara.

Flavour : 4.5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5

Prosecco Lemone £6.95
Prosecco and Lemoncello


Two of my favourite Italian drinks, combined in to two…now what couldn’t be good about this.

This at first was very hmmm is it nice? is it just ok….but the more I drank the more it grew on me and I enjoyed it.

I would have this again or even make it myself.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5


My first visit here was a good one, the restaurant is very nice inside and has a very relaxing feel.

The staff were all very pleasant and very helpful and made sure that everything we ordered was perfect for us.

The food was very nice!

I would like to come back again and try a few different dishes, and see how they are.

See you soon guys.

Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 4.5
  • Value for Money: 5
  • Overall : 4.5

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