Tony Macaroni (Silverburn, Glasgow) 2023 : Review

Visit & Vibes

When it comes to dining experiences, sometimes it’s worth giving a place another shot.

That’s exactly what I did when I revisited Tony Macaroni in Silverburn, Glasgow.

My previous visits had left me feeling underwhelmed, but I decided to return with an open mind. I was especially curious about their new addition to the menu, the “Patatosa” pizza.

Noise Level★★★★
Restaurant Temperature★★★★
Table Dressing★★★
Restaurant Cleanliness★★★★

The Food

NEW Patatosa £13.50
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, pancetta, oven-roasted diced potatoes and pesto.

As I looked through the menu, the description of the Patatosa pizza sounded intriguing, and I thought let’s give it a shot, and placed my order.

Upon its arrival, the pizza’s visual presentation was impressive, but I couldn’t help but notice the lack of an aroma that typically accompanies such dishes.

Digging into the pizza, I was met with disappointment.

The flavors fell flat, and it was surprisingly bland.

The chicken lacked seasoning, offering nothing beyond a basic taste. The pancetta, while present, was disappointingly thin and failed to impart much flavor.

As for the potatoes, they didn’t contribute any distinct flavor profile, leaving me wishing for some creative seasoning. Even the pesto, which I had high hopes for, turned out to be disappointingly weak.

With each bite, I found myself searching for the excitement that a well-crafted pizza should provide, but it remained elusive. It’s rare for me to leave a quarter of a pizza uneaten, but sadly, this was the case with the patatosa.

Dish Flavour★★
Serving Size★★★★★
Value for Money★★

Final Thoughts…

Overall, my return visit to Tony Macaroni in Silverburn left me unimpressed.

This was another time I had left the restaurant feeling disappointed, and it’s safe to say that I won’t be rushing back anytime soon.

Perhaps it’s time to explore other dining options in Glasgow.

Service / Staff★★★★
Time between CoursesN/A
Overall Value for Money★★
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