First month back at the gym (JD Gym Southside) 2022

Here I Go Again…

I had joined my local gym ages ago and did go a few times, but I don’t think I was in the right mindset for it at that point.

Recently I had managed to lose some gained weight over the last 2 years and now felt it was time to visit a gym again. My aim was to lose more weight, tone up and just feel better about myself and look better again.

One of my friends went to JD Gyms and suggested I go there and we can meet up, this was a good idea as it meant I had a gym buddy.

My Workout Clothing:

  • Nike trainers
  • Sports jogging bottoms
  • A lightweight t-shirt
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Airpods Pro

My Plan

I want to build my upper muscles and also try and finally lose my wee belly (mega hard for a food blogger) but what I set my mind to normally happens.

Two years ago I damaged my right shoulder so I knew I didn’t want to make it worse and wanted to build up the muscle to strengthen it, so baby steps approach is what I decided to take.

I wanted to build my lower and upper strength so I had to set a plan, and also with each week increase the upper weight or amount by 5 or 10 depending on the machine, that way I wouldn’t damage my shoulder anymore…that the pan anyway

My Workout

This will change with each month, as the amount/weight will increase each week and I plan every two weeks on adding a new machine.

  • Biceps Curl x 30 @ 20lbs
  • Shoulder Press x 30 @ 20lbs
  • Ab Cruncher x 30 @ 20lbs
  • Rowing Machine x 15mins
  • Indoor Cycle x 15 mins (workload 5)
  • Treadmill x 30 mins (3.5 speed 0% incline)

The above is what I started with and has changed each week, mostly the top 3 right now as I want to increase my upper strength at a nice pace.

Final Thoughts…

So after one month do I notice anything different?

Looking in the mirror not really but I did go from struggling to do the lower amount of each machine, but now finding the first month’s end figure easier so I guess there is a bit of progress there.

Each month I want to add at least 2 new machines and as I said increase the amount I do at 20 lbs and once I reach 100 up that to 30 lbs and start again and keep doing that till I feel happy.

Check back here next month to see how I am doing.

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