Fife Zoo 2022 Visit : Review

The Visit

A few weeks back I took a drive to St Andrews, and passed the Scottish Deer Centre.

When I looked it up online Fife Zoo also popped up and I spotted it was 5 mins away from the Deer Centre, so I had to make a wee stop and check it out.

To enter Fife Zoo it was only £5 for me which is super cheap but was i worth it? keep reading to find out.

About Fife Zoo

We are a small, local zoo in Fife with a mission to promote the conservation of biodiversity through education, research and our own passion for the natural world.

We currently have around 15 species, and are constantly developing the site.
We run meet the keeper and animal handling opportunities throughout the day.
Our restaurant, shop and play park is open everyday. Be a part of our journey as we develop and grow.

The Zoo

Fife Zoo is a very small zoo but you will love every moment of your journey through it.

They have a lot of great animals to look at, and for me the biggest kid in the park today I had never seen any of these this close so it was very cool.

The park is very very clean and the animal are all in great condition so they really do look after them very well which was so good to see.

My favourite part was when I got up close to these guys, but do read the signs before going in as the door needs to be closed behind you!

Just before my visit was over I spotted staff members showing off some snakes to a group of kids, this is great! and i could see from their faces (the ones that werent scared) they loved this and even the adults watching had smiles on their faces to.


I deliberately didn’t post a lot of photos as you need to take a visit, as its a lovely little zoo that is perfect for a family day out or just for a wee walk about to see something new.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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