4 Documents You Should Have With You When Immigrating

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If you are planning on immigrating there are some important documents that you need to keep with you in order to make things go smoothly. 

Leaving these documents behind can cause a host of problems when you arrive at your new destination. It is best to be prepared and pack these documents in a safe place ahead of time, moving to a new country is stressful and the last thing you need to be is worried about not having the correct paperwork. 

With that being said, here are some documents you should ensure that you have when you are immigrating to a new country.

Medical Records

It is important that you take medical records with you when moving to a new country. You never know when you might become sick. 

Your medical records will allow the doctors in your new country to assess your past health history and your immunization records. 

Remember that a record of their immunization is often required for enrolling your child in school in a new country. You may also be required to show these before you can start a new job.

Birth Certificate

You will need to ensure that you have an original copy of your birth certificate when you are moving to a new country. Your birth certificate is an official document that will identify you, your place of birth and your parents.

If you cannot find your birth certificate. You may want to apply for a brand new copy before traveling.

School Records

If you have children, it is important for you to ensure that you take their school records along with you when moving to an international destination

When moving to a new country your child will probably need transcripts of their grades and test scores from your homeland. They may need recommendations from their teachers as well. 

As mentioned before, you will need to present their immunization record.

Marriage Certificate

You may not think much about it at first but for immigration purposes, you may need to prove that your spouse is who they say they are when you arrive in your new country. Your immigration solicitors may also need it in case problems arise.

The best and least complicated way to do this is through a marriage certificate. You may need it to help your spouse secure a job, become a citizen, or for tax purposes in your new country.

Take Care of Your Documents

One of the things you need to do while traveling is to ensure that you are securing these documents the right way. 

Make sure that you put them in waterproof packaging and place them in your carry-on luggage. You should also make several copies of them to take with you. 

Once you are in a new country you also need to be vigilant and ensure that you safeguard these documents. With all the hustle and bustle that comes with moving, things can get lost in the process.

Prevent this from happening by establishing a secure location for the documents as soon as you move into your new home.

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