My journey into Romanian Music


Hey guys, just decided to post something different to my normal, just to spice things up a bit.

As you may not know about me, I listen to music from all over the world. Some people find that strange, as I don’t understand the language but if the melody is good, the beat is good then its a good tune for me.

I have many styles on my iPhone from French, Italian, Chinese, KPop, Hindi plus many more and now Romanian.

This area of music is still very new to me, so I am sure there are many other artists that I have still to learn about but here are my top artists and favourite song from them…so far

I bet when you saw Romanian Music you instantly thought of very traditional style music? well just like every country you do have that, but the music I am into is the current chart scene.

As you may have seen from previous blogs, or even my Travel Vlogs on Youtube I have visited Romania and while over there I keep listening to the background music in restaurants and bars etc

Not in any particular order…

Irina Rimes 

Fav Song: Visele –

Irina Rimes has many songs, and I really like them all but the one above just had something for me.

Carla’s Dreams

Fav Song: Sub Peelea Mea & the remix (Midi Culture Remix) :

Wow, this guys voice is so good, and all the songs have a great melody and beat. The one above good but the remix is always playing in my car. If you want to hear it in English then click HERE

Ioana Ignat

Fav Song: Nu Ma Uita :

For me, it was her voice that stood out, and then the music. The song above is one that I really like, and its melody had me hooked on it.

Ioana Ignat does sing other songs and sings with many other artists and it’s her voice that you will notice first.

Overall : 

So the above I would say are my top 3, as I have more songs on my phone from them than I do other artists.

The other ones I have on my phone, either have 1 song or many 2. Below I will have a few of these and links to the videos on YouTube.

Feel free to suggest more Romanian Artists you may that you think I might like.

If like me you enjoy getting into new artists and styles then hopefully I have introduced you into something new and one you will explore. Let me know if you try any of these, and what your thoughts are.

Here are just a few more for you to try…

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. There’s something about foreign songs that I just enjoy. I love French music At the moment. It helps you grasp the language a bit too.

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