Sugar Dumplin Rum Club Santa Theresa (Glasgow) : Review

Event Date : Sunday 3rd July

This is Sugar Dumplin’s third rub club event, and this event was hosted by Santa Theresa Rum. The gentleman that was giving us information on this rum, was very nice and very informative.


Again very much like the last time, it was a nice small cozy group, and there was a familiar face which was good to see.

Like the previous 3 times, Sugar Dumplin was nice enough to give us all some free snacks, which is really nice and I think it was more than anyone of us could actually eat that night.

I really like the fact that it’s a small group, as you can hear what the host has to say about the different rums, and also you can easily ask a question.


I found this time around, I started to like rum more. I don’t know if it was this type of rum, or the fact is getting used to rum more I didn’t feel a lot of throat burn which I really hate as that’s why I hate whiskey plus I don’t like its taste.

I really like my cocktails and I like liqueurs, so one of the samples from tonight was a nice coffee liqueur. This was amazing and this is the first time, out of the 3 events so far that I will be purchasing a bottle.


For me I enjoyed this one more, probably since I enjoyed the rum more this time round plus I liked one of the samples so much I am going to purchase it.

If you are interested start following Sugar Dumplin on Facebook, they post the events on there.

Yes I know I have not done a proper Sugar Dumplin review, I will soon as I am just waiting till the next time I go back and I will make it a good long review.

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