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Most of you that know me know I love Italy and I try and go once a year, and when I am there I always make a point of visiting Venice.

I have tried a few popular and well-known places in Venice, for example, Harry’s Bar. For me it was a disappointment, I only went in for a drink but in the main area, there isn’t really much to it. It looks like just a local bar nothing special about it, I have heard that the restaurant is better but at first impression, I wasn’t a fan.

I have also been to another popular place, Cafe Florian’s just on the main square. Cafe Florian’s is the oldest coffee house in Europe and is mega popular with tourists all year round. As soon as you place an order in Florian’s you instantly have about 6 euros each added to the bill, as you can hear the orchestra outside. If you don’t mind this then it is really nice to do it at least once to say you have done it. I have been to Florians about 3 times and enjoyed it very much.

This year I did visit Florian’s but I found this new place La Terrazza. Normally with my long walks about Venice, every time I pass here I tend to just look and walk right past. This year I decided to stop and take a look at the menu and see what the prices are like, to my surprise the menu displayed was ok and not as costly as you might think.

I went for the snack menu where you could get a sandwich and a tea/coffee or coke for about £10 and also after that you could get a cake and a tea/coffee or coke for £9. The good part is unlike other places service charge was included so it was a nice ok priced lunch, and I felt a little more relaxed here than I have done in Florians.

Next time I go back to Venice, I will just be going here for any snacks or meals, and if you go why not give it a try?


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