Exploring Scotland : North Berwick 2021 VLOG

I want to explore more of Scotland, and have done now for a while.

Recently North Berwick caught my eye, and I thought lets take a drive and check out the sights. North Berwick is only about 1hr 30mins drive from Glasgow, or slightly longer if the Edinburgh route is very busy so plan ahead if you want to visit. I had a few places in mind to visit while here, but I just went with the flow and enjoyed the day.

Check out : Alandas Gelateria if you visit as you saw from the vlog it was great ice cream and also check out my blog review.

See you next time and let me know if you visit.

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Short breaks in Glasgow is a foodies paradise

Since I am from Glasgow, I thought I would give you ideas of places to visit, restaurants to try while you take a short break in Glasgow.

It doesn’t matter if you already stay in Glasgow, or are traveling here. Glasgow is bursting at the scenes and is a foodies paradise.

Are you into architecture or museums? A foodie or a sightseer? let me help you plan your perfect staycation with my guide for the top things to see and top places to eat in Glasgow.

When you have a short break in Glasgow, expect culture and shopping-filled days with fun nights watching live music and chatting to friendly locals in the pub or clubs. Glasgow has something for everyone. From the great architecture, vibrant culture, to our amazingly tasty food and drink scene.

Only less than an hour by train from Glasgow, Edinburgh, the city’s architecture alone is a good reason to plan a Glasgow city break

Places To visit on your Glasgow Short break

There are many places to visit in Glasgow, best staycation ideas can be found right here in Glasgow

I could be here all day typing them all up but here are some of my top spots that I recommend on your UK Staycation you try and visit.

If you have been here, do let me know what you thought in the comments below this post.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Entry Cost : FREE

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Mu​seum is Glasgow’s most visited attraction.​ 

It has many rooms and attractions for you to see, and I highly recommend you take your time and take in all the paintings etc as the details are amazing.

While you are here why not check out the park thats right next to it, its a great big park and very relaxing and enjoyable to walk about. I have done this many times, when I used to stay in the West End and prior to that pop over and visit.

The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel

Glasgow transport museum is a very cool place to visit, it has many items on display and even includes a street thats themed to look very old.

I also recommend you take a walk out the back, and take a visit on the Tall ship.

This does cost money to go onboard, but its worth every penny as you get to see on deck an below deck which is really interesting to see.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Situated in the West End, this is a lovely place to take a walk around the Botanics and go inside and see all the amazing and wonderful plants.

You will see so many new species of plants etc its a great experience and one for all the family.

Glasgow City Centre

Glasgow city centre, is loaded with businesses and many cafes, restaurants, pubs and great shops.

Take a walk along the streets, visit Buchanan Street and see all the great shops there. Take a walk to George Square and see the statues, you will never bored in Glasgow as there is so much to see and do.

Glasgow West End

Glasgow West End is a great place to visit, as you have seen from above you have the Museum, the Botanics plus many great wee cafes, restaurants and other little shops.

I loved to walk about the shops here, and also walk in Kelvingrove park….sometimes even just sitting on the grass and enjoying the day and atmosphere.

Restaurants To Visit

Since I am a Glasgow food blogger, I couldnt not mention a few good places to visit.

Again just like places to visit, there are so many amazing places to eat. Just because they are not on my list, doesnt mean they are bad, so please dont miss any out.



Glasgow, West End

Overall :

When planning your UK Staycation, either get a notepad or use a spreadsheet and sit and plan it out.

Start with your top must see places, or must eat places then followed by a “if we have time we will see or visit x” this way your enjoying your staycation and not feeling rushed to make sure you tick off everything on your list….if you don’t then just have another staycation 🙂

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Hit The Road Everything You Need For A Memorable Road Trip

Road trips are enjoying a moment in the spotlight thanks to travel restrictions, which mean that it’s not possible to jet off to far-flung destinations. If you’ve decided to hit the road, and you’re keen to enjoy a memorable trip, here are some steps to follow. 

Image credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/forest-road-autumn-trees-road-1345751/

Make sure you have a reliable vehicle

When it comes to planning a road trip, you have two options. You can either drive and stay over at hotels or camp, or you can buy or hire a vehicle like a motorhome or a camper, which will get you from A to B and provide overnight accommodation. If you’re driving, you need to make sure that you have a reliable car.

You don’t want to design a fabulous, fun-packed itinerary and have to abandon plans because you’ve broken down or it’s taking forever to get to your destination. If you have grand plans, and you’re due to replace your car soon, look into swapping before your trip. Modern vehicles like the new Jaguar F-Pace are ideal for family adventures in the great outdoors, as well as commuting and city driving.

If you’re happy with your existing car, and you’re ready and raring to go, make sure you’re up to date with services and check the tyres, oil and screenwash levels and lights before you travel. 

Choose a destination

The next step is to choose your destination. When narrowing down your options, it’s wise to think about how far you want to travel and what you want to do on your trip.

Do you want to try new activities and test your mettle in the great outdoors, are you keen to explore the coast, or do you fancy visiting attractions like castles, museums, country houses or zoos? Once you’ve decided how far you want to go, you can start researching activities and attractions in the area.

If you plan to visit places that are popular with tourists, it’s a good idea to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Picture from https://www.pexels.com/photo/shallow-focus-on-blond-haired-woman-in-white-long-sleeve-shirt-carrying-a-baby-on-her-back-701016/

Plan your route

Now that you know where you’re going, you can plan your route. If you’ve got a long journey ahead, it’s useful to look at a map, as well as checking out the routes on your sat nav, just in case there is heavy traffic or you lose signal once you get off the beaten track.

It’s also beneficial to mark out places to stop to fill up the tank, grab a bite to eat and stretch the legs, especially if you’re travelling with children or you have a furry friend for company.

Planning ahead will give you an idea of how long the journey should take and minimise the risk of getting lost and losing time. 

Make the journey fun

Planning an unforgettable road trip relies on having fun both when you’re in the car and when you’re exploring outdoors.

To keep everyone entertained, play games, put some new playlists together, stock up on snacks and drinks and bring toys, books and devices to watch films on if you have children and you’re going to be in the car for hours. 

Image courtesy of https://pixabay.com/photos/van-vw-travel-trip-holiday-2786078/

Road trips are the holiday of choice for many people at the moment. If you’re hoping to hit the roads in the coming weeks, follow these simple steps for a brilliant break. 

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