Venice Italy : My Second Home from Home

Venice Italy Lagoon View

After my Lido Di Jesolo post, I am now doing one on my other favourite place in Italy…Venice.

I have been going to Italy since I was 9 months old, and every time I have visited Venice. Now I am 33 (at time of posting) and I know Venice probably better than I know Glasgow.

For me Venice is a magical city, its like stepping back in time. I am not that in to history or architecture, but when I come here I know a little history and I love looking at all the different building designs.

Even after all these years there are still streets, and parts I have still to visit.

When you come to Venice you need to expect if your at a tourist spot, or near the front you will pay that little bit more and maybe a large service charge. If you travel to the back away from the main areas, you will find cheaper places to drink and eat.

If you do visit Venice, here are a few places I would recommend you visit. If you want any history about the places mentioned below, just do a Google search.

Harry’s Bar : 


Harry’s bar is a very popular place to visit, its also the location of the famous Bellini cocktail.

I was told by many people I had to try here, it was amazing and the place was nice and even more so the food. On entering you will notice it’s a small place, and its just like an old fashioned bar.

I didn’t order a Bellini when I was here but I did order a small cocktail.

The service was good, the price was very costly but I did expect that before going in so I didn’t mind too much.

Overall it was just ok, I wasn’t as impressed as everyone said I should be as it was just so so for me….but I did tick it of my places to visit so I was happy.

Cafe Florians :

Café Florian is a very famous Café in Venice and Europe.

It is the oldest coffee house in Europe and has been visited by many royals and celebrities.

TIP : You will have a music charge per person as soon as you order, even if the music has just stopped or not started. This is to pay the live band that is playing.

This is a very nice Cafe, and has a very relaxing atmosphere when you are either sitting outside or sitting inside.

I have been in Cafe Florian’s a few times and enjoyed every visit, yes it’s a little costly but it’s a nice thing to do more so since it’s a once a year thing for me.

St Marks Square :

Well, what can I say? This is your main area in Venice.

Standing here gives you an amazing feeling, with the amazing architecture and the buzz of everyone from many different countries.

I have walked about here many times well over 40 times, and every time I notice some detail I have never seen before.

There is a lot of history here, too much for me to go in to so if your interested check Wikipedia.

If you want to do the sights here like go up the tower etc you will need to visit Venice very early in the morning, as if you wait too long you will have to wait for more than 2 hours or more then 5 hours.

The square looks a lot bigger from end to end than it actually is, as it’s an optical illusion if you take a look at some aerial photos at its shape you will see.

Bride of Sighs :


Everywhere you go in Venice, there is a lot of history attached and this bridge is one of them.

Years ago when prisoners were going to get executed they would walk over this bridge and stop at the two small windows. They would look over the magical view of the lagoon and sigh, as this was their last view before the execution.

This view here has a lot of people standing taking photos, here is a little tip if you get to the other side it’s a lot less crowed and you still get a really good photo.

Rialto Bridge :

The main bridge in Venice, and one that is very well known.

For me the shops along each side are nice to see, but the best part of this bridge is when you go to either side at the top you get a really nice view.

La Terrazza

I have already done a blog post on this restaurant, but I do recommend you check it out. The prices are good and the service is good.

Link : VIEW

Caffe del Doge


I had recently watched a few podcasts of Venice, and this was a place to visit if you liked Coffee.

Caffe del Doge is a small cafe situated over the Rialto Bridge and a short walk.

For me it was ok, it felt like a bar but one that does coffee instead of beer. If I was having a coffee I would go to La Terrazza as thats more my style.

Gondola Ride

I have only done this once, it’s not something I would do ever year mostly due to the cost. What you will find is there are a lot of places you can get a Gondola Ride, but everyone charges different prices so if you want to take a ride on one you may need to bargain with the owner or move on to the next.

This was a very nice experience, and one that was very relaxing. My ride was for 40mins, and it cost 80 euros each. Was this a good price? I really don’t know as I didn’t ask about.

I think you need to do this twice, first time take a lot of photos and second time sit and enjoy it. I feel I didn’t enjoy it as much as possible as I was too busy taking photos, so maybe one day I will have my second Gondola Ride.

Overall :

There are many places in Venice to visit, the above is just some of the main things I would recommend. If you do visit any of these places or have done, feel free to let me know as it’s aways good to hear what people think about here.


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Home from Home Lido di Jesolo (Italy)

Most of you that know me know how much I like going to Italy, for those that don’t well you’re going to learn a little more about me and a little about Italy.

Since I was about 9 months old I have been going to Italy every year, to be more specific a place called Lido di Jesolo. From a young age I have stayed in many hotels up and down Jesolo, some are now gone or have been taken over.

Lido di Jesolo is a beach resort near Venice, the beach and resort is very long with many shops, hotels and places to eat.

Why do I keep going back? No, I don’t have any family in Italy my parents just feel in love with the location as its near Venice and a few other places.

Lido di Jesolo for me is a home from home now, as soon as the plane lands I am instantly relaxed. I know where places are, and how to get to them.

I love the food, beach and seeing Venice.

Years ago I met a family from England, and for years we kept meeting every year. This was something I always looked forward to, as I could meet them again. We stayed and still do keep in touch with this family all these years.

What you will find about Lido di Jesolo, or Italy as a whole. A lot of people will either love it and keep going back, or they will hate it there is never an in between its always one of the other.

The Resort : 

The resort is always getting little updates, and modernised which is always nice to see from year to year.

Lido di Jesolo has many little snack bars, and restaurants so you will never not find a place for a quick bite or a meal.

There are many shops ranging from cheap to very expensive, and these can be gifts to clothes.

The beach is a favourite for everyone to visit as all the hotels are very close to it, and it’s a very very clean and safe beach.

Jesolo is on flat land, so this is also a perfect area for anyone who has poor mobility, old or in a wheelchair.

Top Things To Do :

Jolly Rodger :

If you have kids then this is for you.

You go on a large ship that looks like something from Pirates of the Caribbean, and it sails out to sea. Music plays and then the kids are given a drink of juice, then play with fake swords.

At one point the ship sails to a deep part of the sea, and another Jolly Rodger from further up the resort comes to its side. The kids are then given water balloons and they throw them at each ship.

More Info Here

Aqualandia : 

If you like water parks then this going to be your favour thing to do when here.

This place has everything you would expect from a water park, tidal machines to very long slides at crazy angles. It also features the highest bungee tower in Europe.

The park has been designed very nice, with lots of palm trees and many different tropical plants.

Just a heads up, make sure you have sun cream on or stay in the shade. If its a very warm day, you will catch a lot of sun.

More Info Here

Sea Life : 

This is a more recent attraction added within the past few years, at a shopping centre called Laguna Shopping.

I have still to try Jesolo’s Sea Life Centre but from what I have heard, it’s really good and interesting to visit.

More Info Here

Jesolo Lighthouse : 

Not a special thing to do, but a nice walk to see and take photos. Every year I visit Jesolo, I leave the room early (before breakfast) and take a nice long walk down to the Lighthouse. Its very relaxing and a lovely walk as the sun is just coming up and the beach is at its quietest.


Tours :

One of the biggest attractions Jesolo has for me, is how close it is to a lot of nice places to visit.

Venice :

Venice for me is a magical place to visit, its like stepping back in time. Yes, its busy, but if you go at certain times of the day it won’t be as bad. One thing I keep hearing people say is “Venice ohh its smells,” every year I visit Venice and only maybe twice I have smelt it bad but the reason was the weather was very warm and they were cleaning a canal out. So don’t listen to what people say.

I will be doing a blog post on Venice soon keep watching out for that.

Verona :

You can visit Verona as part of a joint tour, the Verona Lake Garda excursion. I have done this three times now and enjoy every moment.

Most of you will know Verona for one reason, Romeo and Juliet as this is where their famous balcony is.

You get about two and a half hours here, the first part you follow the tour guide and the second you get to do what you like. Since I have been a few times, I just go off and enjoy the full time to myself.

Lake Garda :

As I have said above this is part of the joint excursion.

Well, Lake Garda has to be seen in person to appreciate the beauty of the location. On arrival you see the sea view and this is amazing, you can if you like go out on a boat for a little time with a guide and see it from there. I have done this once and it was nice, but it does take up time you could spend at the shops.

There is not really a lot to do here, but it is worth a visit. It’s a very relaxing place to visit, and one maybe at some point I would like to stay for a long weekend.

Overall : 

As you can see from all the above text and photos, Jesolo offers a lot to do. You can go and relax or go and see sights or a little of both. The above is just a little of what Lido di Jesolo has on offer so check out the website link below.

If you do visit Italy try and see a few sights, and also try some of the local food and ice cream.

For more information on what you can find on Lido di Jesolo visit and select the language you want the page to be presented in.


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Ristorante La Terrazza (Venice, Italy)  :  Review


Website :

Most of you that know me knows I love Italy and I try and go once a year, and when I am there I always make a point at visiting Venice.

I have tried a few popular and well known places in Venice, for example Harrys Bar. For me it was a disappointment, I only went in for a drink but the main area there isnt really much to it. It looks like just a local bar nothing special about it, I have heard that the restaurant is better but first impressions I wasn’t a fan.

I have also been to another popular place, Cafe Florians just on the main square. Cafe Florian’s is the oldest coffee house in Europe, and is mega popular with tourists all year round. As soon as you place an order in Florians you instantly have about 6 euros each added to the bill, as you can hear the orchestra outside. If you don’t mind this then it is really nice to do at least once to say you have done it. I have been in Florians about 3 times and enjoyed it very much.

This year I did visit Florian’s but I found this new place La Terrazza. Normally with my long walks about Venice, every time I pass here I tend to just look and walk right past. This year I decided to stop and take a look at the menu and see what the prices are like, to my surprise the menu displayed was ok and not as costly as you might think.

I went for the snack menu where you could get a sandwich and a tea/coffee or coke for about £10 and also after that you could get a cake and a tea/coffee or coke for £9. The good part is unlike other places service charge was included so it was a nice ok priced lunch, and I felt a little more relaxed here than I have done in Florians.

Next time I go back to Venice, I will just be going here for any snacks or meals and if you go why not give it a try.


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