Nippon Kitchen Japanese Restaurant (Glasgow) : Review

91 West George Street
Glasgow G2 1PB
City Centre

0141 328 3113

Visit Date : 23rd September 2016


First Impressions :

This is not my first time at Nippon Kitchen, probably more like my 10th time this year.

When I started going to Nippon Kitchen, any time I went there was always a table available but more recently its very very busy (which is good). Every time I have been the staff have always been very pleasant and very helpful, the restaurant has always been very clean and tidy.

For me Nippon Kitchen has become a favourite for when I want ribs and Sushi, as well I will save this part for the next section.

The Food :

For some reason every time I am here I always get the same, but for me nothing else beats it as I love what I order and could easily have it daily.

I have also had a few cocktails from here and beers, do give them a shot as they are nice and work well with a lot of the dishes.



For my starter I always have the ribs, they are full of flavour and also the meat just slides off the bone. Not much really to say about these apart from what has already been said and they are so good….wish I had them right now as my mouth is watering

Main :


For my second course, I jump between the 16 and the 20 piece Sushi platter (just depends on how hungry I am on the day).

This is always a winner for me, the flavours and textures of the fish and the rice etc its just really good. I know other restaurants that charge prices close to this but they only do a very small amount, this you get a lot and its good value for money.

It might not look very filling, but trust me once you get close to the last few pieces you will be very full.

Overall :

As I said at the start this is one of my favourite places to go, every time is excellent service and the food is always good. If you like Sushi or Japanese food, try Nippon Kitchen I promise you that you will have a great time and nice food.

The Rating for this visit (out of 5) :

  • Service : *****
  • Menu Choice : ****
  • Taste : *****
  • Overall : *****

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