Executive Shaving Munro Eau de Parfum 100ml 2023 : Review

About Executive Shaving

Established in 2006 and based in Glasgow, Scotland, Executive Shaving is an expert in all things shaving and grooming. One of the largest online retailers of shaving & grooming products in Europe, our ethos is driven by quality, fairness, and trust with personal care and attention given to each and every customer. (You can view our customer reviews here!)

We are unashamedly proud of our Scottish identity and heritage but equally proud to be an outwardly-looking, passionate advocate of sustainability and the environment. This is instilled into everything we do; from the selection of brands stocked to the ingredients that go into our products.

We launched our first own-brand product in 2014 and have grown our range to include razors, shaving brushes, shaving creams, aftershave treatments, and fragrances. We are immensely proud of our Executive Shaving products – we wouldn’t put our name on them if we weren’t!

About Munro Eau de Parfum

Munro Eau de Parfum encapsulates the essence of the ruggedness, wildness, and beauty of the Scottish mountains.

Base notes of sandalwood and ambergris combine with middle notes of violet leaf and top notes of iris and lemon verbena for a well-balanced and elegant fragrance.

Comes in a 100ml glass atomiser bottle with a dark wood top and is presented in a fully recyclable box.

Made in collaboration with Glasgow-based perfumer Matt Wilson who we also worked with to create Lomond, Nevis, and our new flagship fragrance, Rannoch Eau de Parfum.

Munro takes its name from the collective name for Scottish mountains which are over 3000 feet.

The Product

The guys at Executive Shaving contacted me and asked if I would like to try another one of their products, this one was called “Munro” just like my surname.

I will be honest, I had this one on my list to purchase at some point this year as I like to always support companies/restaurants that gift me something.

I had done no research into how this one smelled etc but only added it to my list due to the name…now I get to try it.

With Fathersday coming up why not treat your dad to this or one of the other fragrances from Executive Shaving? while you are there enter FATHERSDAY20 to get 20% off the order at checkout.

First Impressions

I sprayed a little on myself and took a sniff…

The aroma was nice and light and at first spray, I got more light wood to start with then rounding off with lemon hints.

With any aftershave I purchase I like to see how it is throughout the day, so I went out for the day after spraying some on me.

How did it last?

Just like the other aftershave “Rannoch Eau de Parfum” this had a great all-day scent.

For me personally some aftershaves can start and smell like they would last all day but then fade after a few hours of wear, where this one and the other one I found to be good for the majority of the day.

Every now and then throughout the day, I would get the odd scent of light wood notes.

I was also in the car recently with my friend and he commented on a smell in the car and thought it was the new car scent, but it was actually this aftershave and he said he could smell the light wood and lemon notes and asked where I got it from.

Final Thoughts…

Firstly a big thanks to the guys at Executive Shaving for their gift, I really liked it and will 100% continue to use it.

Just like all reviews, this was 100% honest and not influenced in any way due to it being gifted.

This for me is perfect for the summer, it’s light, woody, and has hints of lemon giving you that perfect summer scent.

Remember with Fathersday coming up why not treat your dad to this or one of the other fragrances from Executive Shaving? while you are there enter FATHERSDAY20 to get 20% off the order at checkout.

I am adding this to my top products page as it’s something I would get again and highly recommend.

The above blog post review is 100% honest and has not been influenced in anyway. Its a true representation of my thoughts.

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