The Right Road: 5 Ways To Stick to a Workout Regime

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We all know we should be exercising regularly, but so many of us seldom stick to our grand plans. Whether it’s a new year’s resolution that went by the wayside come January 15th or we blame lack of time, the fact is that sticking to a workout regime is hard for anybody. Here are some of the things that you need to have in place to ensure that you can stick to any workout regime.

Pick a Manageable Workout Routine

One of the common mistakes is starting too intensely. Instead of trying to lift weights 4 times a week, you have to remember that your body is going to adapt more gradually to certain stimuli. You also need to think about your age. If you are in your 40s or 50s, you could benefit from low impact exercises that will be as effective as those that lift weights. You might think that you are better off doing more weight training or intense workouts, but the reality is that you are going to prepare your body better if you pick manageable workouts in a routine that fits around your life.

Play the Long Game

You need to be patient and likewise, you can’t expect immediate results. You might be putting in a lot of hard work, but if you get frustrated you can’t do 10 perfect push-ups the most important thing to remember is that changes don’t come overnight. Be patient, and as long as you stay consistent, this is where the results will come.

Break Up Your Workout

Whether you’re looking to build strength or endurance, the most important thing you have to exercise is the neural connection between the mind and the muscle. Many people compartmentalize exercise, thinking that they need to do X number of sessions in the gym, but you may have a lifestyle that means you can’t do the gym 45 minutes 4 times a week. And this is especially true for those people who are trying to work out as a parent. If you can break up your workout you re-emphasise that mind-muscle connection. Think about doing things as exercise gradually throughout the day. If you waiting for the microwave to ding, you can do 5 press-ups or sit-ups. Breaking up your workout is also better in the long run because you are being consistently fit, rather than waiting for your time in the gym to do it and being sedentary the rest of the time.

Create a Reasonable Reward System

Rewards are going to be great for your mindset. If you are struggling with your motivation on a bad day, a small way to reward yourself, such as an episode of your favourite TV show, is going to give you that boost when you need to hit the gym.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Show me the people feel that they want to be Instagram-ready. But when you realise how long it takes to build muscle, the reality is that comparing yourself to others is not useful and is particularly unhealthy. You’ve got to focus on your own journey. Building muscle and strength takes time. You won’t see life-changing results in the first few months, but as long as you stick with it and have the right regime, this will make all the difference.

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