Spearhead Whisky Gift Box : Review


Spearhead Whisky, is a non-traditional new whisky brand that forms part of the Loch Lomond Group! Spearhead is a much sweeter, lighter whisky and is amazing in cocktails!

The Gift Box

The guys wanted to send me a wee gift box with some merchandise and some samples of the whisky.

It included :

  • A Beanie
  • Pin
  • 2 samples of their whisky

I loved the pin and beanie, the pin had a good amount of detail and the beanie was a perfect fit and very good quality.

The two whisky samples were in wee packets and wrapped in branded paper, I really like this touch as it added to the whole unboxing experience.

The Whisky

For me, whisky has always been a hit or miss, to be honest, more a miss.

I have been gifted whisky in the past and I enjoyed that one, and tried whisky at restaurants and didn’t like it so it’s a bit of a mixed bag and it’s a drink I would really like to get into.

I really looked forward to this arriving as it’s advertised as lighter and sweeter, which sounded perfect for me and one that should be a hit.

I opened the packet and poured it, went outside as it was a nice evening and sat down with my whisky.

Let’s start with the aroma, this smelled very nice and had a nice sweetness to it so for me this was a good start.

Oh ok, this had a nice flavour to it and a little burn, the after taste was also very nice and the sweetness did come through.

I actually enjoyed this, maybe the burn was not soo much but after a few sips that lessened and I was enjoying the nice flavours and aromas.

This is another whisky I will be adding to my list to buy, as I really liked its sweetness and how light it was.


As you’ve just read I was pleasantly surprised with this whisky and enjoyed the flavour and aroma.

If you are a whisky fan or looking to try and get into whisky I would say this is the one to try as it’s light.

I will get a bottle soon and let you know my thoughts again.

Check them out at www.spearheadwhisky.com

Overall Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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