How to Stay Healthy as a Traveling Freelancer

Freelancers are already known for not exactly living the healthiest of lifestyles. It typically includes little sleep, overworking, maybe a bad diet, and stress. This isn’t all freelancers, of course, but plenty of them can be related to this.  So now think about mixing the freelancing life with traveling. It’s usually hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when traveling, right? Also, if you want to treasure your travels you need to feel good about that as well. 

Combining the two may lead to freelancers getting to see and experience some of the most incredible things, and sights, and totally get out of a rut. But, this could also lead to heavier unhealthy habits. Whether you want to stop your current unhealthy habits or just want to know how you can completely avoid them, here’s how!

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Make sure you’re eating balanced meals

On a busy schedule, you’re bound to eat foods that are more on the unhealthy side. When traveling, you’ll be more tempted to try out new foods and indulge. Both of these scenarios are totally understandable, but you’re going to need to eat balanced meals instead. When the body isn’t getting the needed nutrients, stress will get a lot worse. In general, you’re better off planning out your meals. 

Having healthy food will lead to your body feeling better, you’ll feel less fatigued, not to mention the fact that you’ll be fighting off brain fog as well, and that’s an enemy to the freelancing life. It may help to write down, or even use an app that tracks what you’re eating so you know you’re eating healthy foods.

Keep a consistent routine

While a freelancer may be doing different tasks every day, it’s still best to keep a solid routine. This doesn’t mean you can’t go out exploring during your travels, far from it. It’s just better to have a routine, this is going to clear your thoughts, and it’s going to let you know what to prioritise. For instance, if you’re in a new destination, you can spend your morning exploring, work in the afternoon, exercise, go back out exploring, and then head to sleep at a reasonable hour. Sure, scheduling isn’t black and white. But playing out some type of foundation for yourself is going to make this a lot easier.

Try out journaling

Journaling is one of the best ways to get your thoughts and feelings out on paper. It’s brilliant for giving yourself room to just think, reflect, and to write these down to help you strategise and everything that’s been happening to you. It’s great to journal, getting to record your thoughts or questions such as “this is how much a designer vagina costs now” or “how many hours will I need to work to save up for (blank)” can really help shed some clarity.

Practice healthy habits

Over than trying to avoid overworking and healthy eating, there are plenty of other healthy habits that a freelancing traveller may want to do.  There are little steps that you can take to stay healthy on your travels. This can include exercising regularly and ensuring it fits into the schedule, not staying up too late, getting around 7 to 9 hours of sleep, and just being easy on your body. It’s great wanting to explore but don’t pile too many responsibilities on yourself. 

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