My Undiscovered Scotland

I thought I would try a different style of post, as you know I like to try things and see if they work. Rather than being a chat like my other posts, I am aiming to have a bit more of a conversation style of writing….that’s the plan.

This post series I was originally going to create a new blog just for these, but I thought I do travel on this and might as well keep it here.

These posts are hopefully going to focus on one area at a time and I will tell you my thoughts etc about that one place….and hopefully will give you the travel bug like I have.

So why the title?

For those that don’t know me, I have always visited Italy growing up and didn’t see too much of the UK…more so Scotland so there is a lot to discover for me..

I then met my now ex who was from Romania and she wanted to see more of Scotland. While we were dating I saw many parts of Romania and when we were back home in Glasgow we did a few highland tours and that’s when I got the Scotland travel bug.

As I said unfortunately she is now my ex, but that bug for seeing Scotland hasn’t left me. I didnt fully realise how beautiful Scotland is, and the best part its right on my door step.

I look forward to showing you my Undiscovered Scotland….see you soon.

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