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Game Day : 20th January 2017

Will Sarah manage to defeat Jareth and his Labyrinth, or will the Goblin King turn little Toby into a goblin babe? You have thirteen hours to find out! Play with up to four friends in this fun family board game based on the classic Labyrinth movie by Jim Henson.

I purchased this game early 2016 and due to demand I received this late 2016 round about December.

I decided to wait and open this when I got my friends round, which was recently for an unboxing and game play.

I have been a big fan of the movie since I was a child, and still love it to this day. My favourite scene in the film is the one I am linking to below, and its my favourite song.

As The World Falls Down :

Also Jennifer was my biggest crush when I was younger, and I will always have a little crush on her.

As you probably can guess I had a big smile on my face when unboxing this, and making me feel like a big kid again.

Now before you start any tabletop game you always have to prepare well, tonight we had beers, snacks and crisps.

Now for the fun.

Unboxing :

I have never done an unboxing review so forgive if I don’t follow the normal flow etc 🙂 I also won’t go into the full game play, just a highlight review so its not too long to read.

I had Ludo to help me unbox.

Well another big smile seeing all the artwork on the outside of the box, and then the figures just visible at the lower front.

After taking the lid of I saw the contents, and as you can see from the photo the black inner part is velvet. This was a very nice touch, and showed that the creators wanted to make this extra special.


The detail of the miniatures is very good, they were cast from detailed molds (Updated : corrected from saying 3D printed). You have several different die, player cards, challenge cards, coins and the one you don’t want to get a Smell Bad coin.

What I liked was none of the characters were in any form of action or run pose, as games don’t have a consistent action theme some parts are relaxed and just standing.

And under the top part :


You have the manual and more game parts, that you need to pop out the cardboard and some you piece together.

Once we all had a good look at the parts we set the game up so we could start.

The Game :

The point of the game is just like the film, you and your team have to take Sarah to the Castle beyond the Goblin City to get her baby brother back before the 13th hour or he will become a Goblin Babe.

Just like any tabletop game you need to read the instructions first, set it up and then play. This part always takes the longest, but it import to do this.

My character was Ludo so I was very happy, he has always been a favourite for me.


The photo above shows my character sheet, you can see how much Willpower your character has to start with and also your speed, Wit and Brawn. These figures are different for all the characters in the game.

We started the game and we took our time to make sure we were following the rules, once we got in to the swing of things thats when we put the book down and just played.

As I said from above there are coins you don’t want to get “Smell Bad” and guess who got one….yip me!


Once every player has had a turn you push the clock to the next hour, this means you have to make sure you do everything you need to do, plan each move very smart as once that hits the 13th hour the game ends and Toby is a Goblin Babe.


One of the cards made us all laugh out loud, one player has to say the famous lines from “Magic Dance” this was a very nice touch.


I won’t go in to the full game play as that would bore you and also mean loads of reading, but the game was very fun for us and we had a good laugh working together. If you are a fan of the film then you will love this, its easy to play for anyone and enjoyable for all ages.

Unfortunately our first game we lost, but this was a very fun game to play and I am glad I was once of the first to preorder it.

If you want to make the game that little bit better, put on the soundtrack as you play 🙂

“It’s only forever, not long at all”

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  1. Hi Kris, nice write up. I enjoyed reading this and hearing about your adventures in the game. I only chimed in to clarify something about the miniatures. I am a US based miniature painter and have painted quite a few sets of these guys (as well as creating a video tutorial series for my YouTube channel as well) so I have had a lot of exposure to these miniatures. They are not 3d printed, they are in fact molded, either by injection molding or vacuum form molding (not sure which). 3D printed figures do not have any visible seams or mold lines on them. You can look on your miniatures and see the mold line running up and over, mostly visible on their little pedestals. These marks come from being made in a 2 part “clam shell” mold. Just giving you that info since you asked for clarification. I hope you and your group enjoy the game and I wish you the best of luck on your next excursion to rescue poor Toby. Cheers!

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