Bistecca (East Kilbride, Glasgow) Takeaway 2021 : Review

The Delivery

I have wanted to try here for ages, but never go around to it and tonight I finally did.

I didn’t know what to order so I just selected two random dishes, and hit order.


Pollo dorato £5.95

I like a good chicken finger and if its got a nice dip, so when I opened the box these looked good and smelled good.

I took a nice bit with and without the dip.

Without these were very nice, and the chicken was very tender. The coating was light and didn’t take away from the chicken flavour. With the dip mmm yeah they needed a dip just to boost the already existing flavour.

I could easily have these again.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Buffalo Mac n Bacon Pizza £11.00

Yes you read that right, and all my Italian friends and followers will be shouting WHY!!!!!!! but I wanted something random and to see how it tasted.

Visually this looked interesting and it smelled nice, but would it taste nice? well it was time to give it a try.

I took a nice big bite…

Firstly the base was very thick but I think thats because the mac and cheese would make a thin base very soft….the mac and cheese tasted ok and the bacon helped with the overall flavour.

This was very filling, I ate about 3/4 of it and had to leave the rest as I was MEGA full.

Would I order it again? probably not but it was interesting and tasted ok…I think I will stick with the Italian classic pizzas.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Overall :

I am glad I tried here finally, and I will order from them again but maybe something less random.

Do check them out on their Instagram or on JustEat for your next takeaway.

My Rating :

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The Lee Burn (East Kilbride) : Review

V: 14th August 2020

Tonight we visited the Lee Burn as my grandparents wanted to take us out for a meal.

I have been here before but it was ages ago.

The Food

As I said it was ages ago when I was last here, so I couldn’t remember what I had or how good or bad it was.

I recently lost my appetite so I wasn’t too hungry tonight, so I skipped my starter and just went for my main meal.

I didn’t know what to order, so I took a chance on a burger and just randomly selected one.

The Burger

Smothered Chicken Burger £11.99

Golden-fried breaded butter chicken topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, and Brewdog punk IPA BBQ sauce.

Presentation was nice, and I didnt expect as many chips.

The chips were very nice, as I always love skinny fries and they didnt need any salt.

The burger had a really nice flavour, but the cheese seemed to have dried up which was a-shame. It needed some cheese to take away the full crisp bite, or some sauce but overall it was very tasty and filling.

  • Presentation : 5
  • Flavour : 4
  • Value For Money : 4
  • Overall : 4

Visit Overall :

Tonight was a nice night with my parents and grandparents.

The atmosphere was good, and we all enjoyed out meals.

It was nice to try somewhere different and also just randomly pick something from the menu.

Review Scores –

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 4
  • Value for Money: 4
  • Overall : 4

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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Kitchen Punjab Platter (Glasgow & East Kilbride) : Review


I was sitting having a look at different profiles on Instagram last week, and I spotted Kitchen Punjabs account and the food and cost caught my eye so I started following.

On Saturday 20th the guys sent me a message, to see if I would like to try one of their platters.


Fresh & Home-made Punjabi food from our kitchen to yours, cooked fresh on the day. Free Delivery in Glasgow/EK, 6-8pm and orders Wed & Sat only. Wednesday is the Vegan night.

Kitchen Punjab is fairly new about just over a month old at the time of posting this, and I got talking to them and learned that everything is home made, made with love and you can really taste this.

Heat & Eat Platter

The guys sent me the Heat and Eat Platter which consisted of :

  • Tadka Chawaal (Fried Rice)
  • Makhini Chicken Curry (butter chicken)
  • Chapli Kebab
  • Roti
  • Chicken Pakora
  • Raita
  • Salad

The normal cost for this is £20 with free Glasgow and East Kilbride delivery… good is that!!! and its can feed two people or one very hungry person.

You get a lovely little message with the platter, which also includes heating instructions. This part doesn’t take long, so if your very hungry dont worry you wont wait long to eat.

My Starter

So I got out all the starter items, and platted it up.

I started with chicken pakora.

The chicken pakora batter was not too crispy but not soft, just a nice amount of crunch. The chicken was nice and tender, and overall a really good flavour! I could have easily had more of these.

Next the Chapli Kebab.

I think this is the first time having this, so I was looking forward to how it tasted.

This was very nice, it was packed with a lovely flavour and I enjoyed every mouthful.

  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : n/a tonight
  • Overall : 5

my Main Course :

  • Tadka Chawaal (Fried Rice)
  • Makhini Chicken Curry (butter chicken)
  • Roti

I started with the rice and it was cooked perfectly, and I think I could taste cinnamon through the rice which added such a lovely flavour.

The roti was nicely cooked, and tasted good.

The curry wow! flavour wise really good, worked amazingly with the rice mega moreish. For me it had a big kick, but that didn’t stop me finishing it.

  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : n/a tonight
  • Overall : 5

Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the food.

Firstly a big thanks to the guys at Kitchen Punjab for making my Saturday night better 🙂

The food from arrival, easy to heat, and the flavours I loved from start to end.

As I said these guys are pretty new on the scene, but going by the quality and flavours of the food you wouldn’t know it.

Follow them on Instagram, and check out their food platter deals. Saturday nights are normal platters, and Wednesday nights are for Vegans.

Follow them now : @kitchenpunjab

Review Scores –

  • Service : 5
  • Food : 5
  • Value for Money: 5
  • Overall : 5

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have ordered from them or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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